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An Interview with Peter Lavelle - Part 2

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How to Transfer Money

Planning to transfer funds to Australia? Then one of the biggest challenges can be finding a good exchange rate.

As we try to find resources that can offer various solutions to people planning to relocate to Australia, we continue our interview with economics commentator Peter Lavelle.

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Peter, banks come to mind when thinking about how to transfer money abroad. What is your opinion?

Banks aren't specialists in foreign exchange, after all, but provide a range of financial services, so don't offer anywhere near the best rates out there. Instead, banks look to skim as large a percentage from their clients as possible.

Talk to a high street bank for instance, and you could end up receiving an uncompetitive rate, and find yourself thousands of pounds out of pocket on a large transfer.

Instead, to receive the best possible exchange rate, it's best to contact a specialist in foreign exchange like Pure FX. Pure FX help people transfer funds abroad on a constant basis, and so can provide not just the best exchange rate, but personal guidance regarding your transfer not available at the banks.

For instance, when you transfer funds to Australia of several hundred thousand pounds, perhaps to purchase a home in Brisbane, Pure FX can save you thousands compared to your local bank - guaranteed.

Peter, what other benefits can PureFX provide when you want to send money to Australia?

There are many benefits:

  • Personal guidance
    Thinking about transferring funds to Australia, but not sure about the options? Then our dealers at Pure FX can tell you everything you need to know, including regarding fixing the exchange rate to protect you against drops on the market. Hence, you can approach your transfer in the best possible position.

  • The best rates
    Perhaps you'd like the exchange rate to improve before you transfer funds to Australia? In this case, our dealers can keep watch on the markets on your behalf, and get in touch once the rate improves. It means you're assured of the best possible deal when transferring funds to Australia, because you're receiving specialist guidance.

  • Secure transfers
    To ensure that each transfer you make is safe and secure, Pure FX are directly authorised by the UK's Financial Services Authority. This means that our business adheres to strict regulations to protect client funds, meaning that, in all events, your funds are ring-fenced and protected. It means you can rest assured your funds are safe.

  • No hidden fees

    Concerned about unscrupulous firms attaching hidden charges when you transfer funds to Australia? Then you can relax, because Pure FX charge neither commission nor hidden fees. Instead, all you receive is the best possible exchange rate.

So you're saying when thinking to send money to Australia, a foreign exchange specialist provides a better value than a bank?

The thing is, it's possible to go to your bank and make a big transfer from sterling into Australian dollars. The trouble however, is that you're likely to get well and truly fleeced on the exchange rate, and lose a large amount.

Peter, what to do next to get better exchange rates?

Get a free quote.

Pure FX can provide a free quote regarding your transfer, in addition to helpful assistance from one of our specialist dealers.

To get in touch, and receive an exchange rate guaranteed to beat your local bank, just fill in the contact form beneath. When you hit the "Request a Quote" button, you can also download our guide about getting the best exchange rates. Browse it and ask us questions when we contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Foreign Exchange Market Updates

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How to Transfer Money

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