Time in Australia

Time in Australia differs by states and seasons. If you want to know what it is, then you need to be very specific.

Are you after time in Sydney Australia? Or Brisbane? Or somewhere else? Here is more information about Australia time zones.

Current Time in Sydney Australia

As a standard, Sydney is 10 hours in advance of Co-ordinated Universal Time.

Clocks in Melbourne, Canberra, and Hobart show exactly the same time too.


It is the same time in Brisbane as in Sydney in winter. Come spring, the daylight saving does not apply in Queensland, so turn your watch one hour behind Sydney.

Current time in Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia - just 30 minutes earlier than in the other Eastern Coast cities. In summer it's 30 minutes later than in Brisbane.

Northern Territory

Same time as in Adelaide in winter and one hour behind during summer months.

Time in Perth

Daylight saving functioned in Western Australia as a 3 year trial, which ended in 2009. People decided by referendum to reject to set their clocks back or forward every 6 months.

Businesses supported the daylight saving, to be able to deal easier with their counterparts in the eastern states. But farmers and rural communities were against and they won.

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