Things to See in Canberra

There are so many things to see in Canberra. They include political, cultural and recreational attractions with a bit of leisure tourism.

Choose one or several, depending on your time and interests and go ahead, visit and enjoy a nice break.

Here is what to do if you are in the capital of Australia for one day, two days or three days.

Things to See in Canberra - Day One

If you are there for just one day visit the Parliamentary Triangle. You will get close to the political stuff. If you start early in the morning, you can throw in a cultural visit too.

The Parliamentary Triangle (click Canberra map to see the triangle) with its apex on the Capital Hill includes the two parliament houses that face each other and many other important institutions:

  • The New Parliament House, located right on the Capital Hill, opened in 1988. The construction is considered Australia's most expensive building. A great part of the building is buried under the hill;
  • The Old Parliament House, initially erected as a provisional building, opened in 1927. Today the building is home to one of Canberra museums, the Museum of Australian Democracy;
  • The National Library of Australia has a collection of 6 million books and other media, including the diaries of captain Cook's Endeavour voyages;
  • The High Court of Australia;
  • The National Gallery of Australia;
  • The National Portrait Gallery.

That's a lot for just one day, so choose and pick what interests you. Start with the New Parliament House. If you are there on a weekday, you may be able to see policy in the making.

If it is a weekend, then walk along the corridors, see documents and portraits and admire the grand entrance hall.

things to see in canberra - parliament house entrance hall

Then move on to the National Gallery. It is a must.

Things to See in Canberra - Day Two

Continue your visit with the museums. If you haven't seen the National Portrait Gallery, go back to the Parliamentary area and have a look.

When you are there and if you are travelling with your kids, take them to Questacon, on King Edward Terrace. This is the National Science and Technology Centre.

Just what the teacher ordered for your children. They'll get involved with physics and environment. Lots of fun and learning.

There is an admission fee, and the experience is really worth it.

things to see in canberra - questacon, einstein sculpture

Another significant attraction in Canberra is the Australian War Memorial on the Anzac Parade. It is the world's largest war museum.

A cultural institution worth some good hours of visit is the National Museum of Australia. It has great collections and exhibitions that will offer you more information about this country and its people.

The building itself is a daring piece of architecture, all modern and colourful.

Things to See in Canberra - Day Three

Once your thirst for culture has been quenched, take a breath of fresh air. It is time to do a bit of leisure tourism.

Head to the mountains and visit the Canberra Deep Space Communication Centre. It is a combination of recreation and knowledge. Good for your health and good for your brains.

things to see in canberra casuarina sands

On the way back stop at Casuarina Sands on the Murrumbidgee River, for a swim if it's summer or just a stroll and a barbeque if it's winter.

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