Things to Do in Sydney, a Lazy Day in the City

Tourists have many things to do in Sydney. For example to admire the Australian icons, the Opera and the Harbour Bridge. But for the locals, here is how to spend a lazy day enjoying the views.

Take a stroll in the heart of the city. Feel its pulse.

things to do in sydney martin place

Get to Martin Place, look at the stately buildings, listen to young artists playing music. You might hear guitars or bagpipes or a saxophone.

things to do in sydney circular quay

Or go to Circular Quay.

Hop on Sydney ferries to get to another suburb in the harbour.

You will enjoy the magic views and the fresh breeze in the hot summer.

things to do in sydney cruiser

Watch the people. Some, dressed in business attire, are rushing. Others, sporting thongs or joggers and shorts, are totally stress-free.

And when one of the big liners drops anchor at Circular Quay in Sydney Harbour, thousands of visitors pour into the city.

Come midday, the city of Sydney streets are really busy with people crossing each others' pathway to go to the numerous eateries and food courts or to jog around.

things to do in sydney martin place 2

Some take a stroll, others take their lunch box and head towards a park or just an open space. Many sit on steps to eat. Others prefer the grass in the parks. Some lie on the lawn, others exercise.

Fancy yourself heading with your take away lunch to the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Farm Cove, the small bay that lets you enjoy views like this,

things to do in sydney martin place 2

or this,

things to do in sydney boat on the harbour

How many cities in the world offer you million dollar views to go with your humble sandwich?

Where else can you

  • watch yachts, luxurious or not, drifting smoothly or riding the surf,
  • listen to the hum of the waves,
  • feel the cool splash of the water,
  • look at architectural emblems - the Opera and the Bridge,
  • and all that during your lunch break?

If you would like to go on with your lazy day in the city, Darling Harbour and The Rocks are some other great things to see in Sydney.

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