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When travellers think about Tasmania holidays, beaches, wilderness, wine, seafood and cheese come to mind. The island is famous not only for its stunning beauty but also for the fresh, local produce.

But Tassie is not limited to landscape and food. It has beautiful, historic cities and they are also worth a visit. Or more.

Below is our take on Hobart.

We only stayed there for two days which is definitely not enough. And made some mistakes in planning our trip and not researaching enough.

But some of our mistakes can help you with your planning.

The best way to explore is to drive around to visit the city and the attractions close to it.

But if you don't want to drive and prefer a coach experience, click on the images on the right to check out the tours offered by Viator in and around Hobart.

Tasmania Holidays, Day One in Hobart

Plan to fly to Hobart early in the morning. By around 10 am you can be comfortably sitting in your rented car, making the 15-20 minutes drive into the city.
Hobart is the second oldest city in Australia and is said to be the second driest capital city in the country after Adelaide.

We do not relate to this as we copped heavy rain on both afternoons spent in Hobart. But the mornings were great.

Great Hobart Lookouts

Mount Wellington is one of the best attractions of Hobart. Click on the image below to read more about it and about how to get there.

mt wellington tasmania

The mount is 1271 m high and only half an hour by car from the centre of Hobart.

But Mount Wellington is not the only great lookout in this city.

rosny hill lookout, montague bay, hobart

There's another one at Rosny Hill, Montague Bay. You can't miss it. We went there when we left Hobart, in the morning.

Tasmania Holidays - the City of Hobart

hobart waterfront

Hobart lies on the Derwent estuary and is a lovely city with beautiful historic sandstone buildings as well as newer constructions. 

new buildings in salamanca

The Sullivans Cove is a splendid waterfront and busy port.

sullivans cove hobart

The Parliament of Tasmania is nearby and next to it are the cobblestone streets around the Salamanca area.

tasmanian parliament hobart

Salamanca houses heaps of small art galleries and artists' studios, fine restaurants, a famous market open each Saturday.

salamanca hobart

There are so many other things to see and do in Hobart but two days are not enough.

Tasmania Holidays - Planning Your Visit

What we missed and shouldn't have

If we had been there on a Saturday we could have experienced the buzzing Salamanca markets.

But we weren't there on a Saturday so we can only imagine all the stalls filled with gourmet cheeses, wine, crafts, and the like and the crowds hunting for a treasure or a bargain.

In the absence of the crowds and buzz, a stop at the fountain behind Salamanca works fine.

fountain near salamanca

If we had been there between Christmas and New Year we could have applauded the winning team of the Sydney to Hobart sailing race, welcomed the runner-ups and the less lucky yacht crews.

But we weren't there in December so we can just imagine the harbour bustling with boats, sails, cheers, applauds and sailing gear.

yachts in hobart

The end of the year marks the city's seven day festival. Seven days of fun, laughter, good life, art, music and of course food. From 28 December to 3 January each year. The name of the festival says it all: the Taste Festival. Taste a lot of food.

Hobart and food get together along very nicely.

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