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Sydney Vivid festival 2015 lit The Rocks, painted the town by flooding buildings around Circular Quay in bright colours, illuminated vessels navigating on the harbour and projected more lights onto various retail, education or entertainment centres.

Seven years in a row, the festival has proved that it is definitely a crowd pleaser and a conversation starter.

And every year it has embraced more and more of the City and its surrounds.

Great light installations or shows were on in Chatswood, the Central Park precinct right next to the Central Station, the University of Sydney, Darling Harbour and Pyrmont, Martin Place.

But the culmination of it all is the light projection on the sails of the Opera House.

Opera House Illuminated

colurful opera vivid sydney 2015

Bringing the Opera to life and making it vibrate is something we have got used to every year. Which makes every new entry harder and harder.

geometry on opera house vivid 2015

After the 2013 strong, bright colours and geometrical shapes by Sydney based Spinifex studio, and the climate change themed projections of the award-winning international artists 59 Productions in 2014, it was the turn of Universal Everything in 2015.

vivid lights at sydney opera house 2015 - orange sails

The British design team got the hard job of coming up with new shapes and colours to project on the Opera House.

vivid lights 2015 silhouette

Animation, cartoons, animals, birds, humans, athletes, geometry, colour, it was all there. And it was very nice.

vivid sydney 2015 shapes on the sails of the opera house

But it lacked innovation and a theme to connect all the elements and tell a consistent story.

vivid lights 2015 blue sails

The Opera House was dressed in blue...

vivid sydney 2015 pink opera,...

creative sydney 2014 architecture,...

vivid lights 2014 rainbow

...or a combination of colours splashed on the tiles.

vessel display the ilovesydney hashtag for sydney vivid 2015

Ferries and boats put on lights, white or colourful, and displayed the 'I love Sydney' hashtag.

overseas passenger terminal sydney

The best vantage point to see it all was the top level of the Overseas Passenger Terminal. You could have dinner or sip a glass of wine there while watching colours and shapes alternating on the Opera House. Or you could have skipped dinner and just take position on the terrace, equipped with your camera to capture the show.

vivid sydney 2015 -illuminated buildings circular quay

Light and colours adorned buildings facing Circular Quay to create a magic night for crowds.

Sydney Vivid - The Rocks

vivid sydney 2015 rococo pig

The magic continued with the rococo mother pig and piglets, symbolising over-consumption and overindulgence.

vivid lights 2015 - moon

The white cool moon surrounded by a bright yellow ring looked eerie projected on a sandstone building.

vivid 2014 snake image on the museum of contemporary art

Cadman's Cottage looked very different with imagery changing briskly.

vivid 2015 museum of contemporary art

As did the Museum of Contemporary Art with the light and rapidly changing colours and shapes on its façade.

sydney vivid 2015 - connectivity

The Affinity light installation, powered by the touch of hands, talks about the connectivity of the neurons in the human brain and the flow of messages between the cells that control the thinking process.

These are just some examples of the festival of light and ideas. And of music too.

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