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The lights went off for the best creative festival in the Southern hemisphere. So that's a good time to review the fifth edition of this annual event.

I think it was better than the 2012 festival, more vivid, brighter, more colourful.

There was nothing wrong with the previous one, which was just different, and, I think, more static. It had abandoned geometric forms and embraced people.

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But here's  what happened in the 2013 edition. Check out these Sydney Vivid pictures to see how the opera dressed up.

bright colours on opera sails at vivid sydney 2013

Brighter. So much brighter, fresher and more cheerful with vivid hues of blues, greens, reds and yellows. A joy to watch.

sydney opera house sails are alight with geometric shapes for vivid festival 2013

Geometric shapes burst in a medley of colours, as if setting the sails in motion.

purple silhouettes on the sails of sydney opera house - vivid festival 2013

 Translucent silhouettes appear on a light purple and blue background.

pictures of vivid sydney 2013 - faces

Then images of celebrities. Is this the face of Marylyn Monroe? Or are they just plain faces but you let your imagination get carried away with the explosion of colour and think it's a movie star?

vivid sydney 2013 - leaves

Fiery red, electric blue and muted green leaves flutter softly as a bright tree crown emerges from the ocean.

creative sydney festival 2013 - stars

Light reverberates again and transforms into comets that make a glorious entrance flapping their elongated tails

photographers at vivid sydney 2013

With professional equipment on tripods, or just smart cameras or iphones, the crowds are ready to capture all the vivid Sydney pictures. And they don't have to wait too long for something bold or unusual.

leopard skin on the sails of the opera house - vivid sydney 2013

Like a leopard skin that rips the dark canvas of the night. Or is it a reptile skin?

chameleon eye projected on the opera house - vivid sydney 2013

With a bulging chameleon eye?

vivid sydney 2013 - geometric forms

A rainbow of colour follows and brings the sails of the opera back from the jungle world to where they started - plain geometric shapes. Well, not so plain with those incandescent colours...

lights projected on customs house - vivid sydney 2013

The creative Vivid Sydney festival included lights and animation projected on the Customs House, just like in 2012. Different animation though.

lights projected on museum of contemporary art - vivid sydney 2013

A rich palette of hues and shapes changed the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Interactive light installations were everywhere around the Circular Quay. No wonder the number of people who attended the 18 nights-long event exceeded all expectations.

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