Sydney Vivid 2016 - Lighting the Skies of the City

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Marking its eighth anniversary, Sydney Vivid 2016 is brighter, bigger and better with new precincts transformed by light installations.

Three new venues are part of the amazing project that takes people out of their homes at the start of winter and into the City. 

Not that winter is a deterrent to delving into Sydney's tourist attractions, especially the extremely mild 2016 winter, that looks more like an Indian summer.

But the array of light installations, sculptures, projections, combined with music events, creative ideas, visual arts and performances contribute even more to create an intriguing atmosphere of excitement, entertainment and joy.

The new venues are the Royal Botanic Gardens, Taronga Zoo and The Galeries, an indoor shopping space. They add more thrill to the ones that people already got used to, such as: the Opera House, Circular Quay, Customs House, The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Chatswood, Martin Place.

The dazzling Opera House 

orange opera vivid sydney 2016

Year after year, the Opera House comes to life in vivid colours that accentuate its stunning spherical shapes.

opera house blue - vivid sydney 2016

Bright oranges, electrifying blues, deep purples, cool browns, the sails put on new colours and become bolder and brighter.

vivid lights at sydney opera house 2016 - geometry

Geometrical shapes are projected on the white tiles and bring on vibrant hues.

vivid lights 2016 dotted sails

The sails go sombre and are covered with large dots...

vivid sydney 2016 turtles on the opera house

...which change into long necked turtles and swirly snakes.

vivid lights 2016 bird projected on the opera house

With animals and birds coming up against a striking backdrop on the sails of the Opera House, you could infer that the theme of this year's light festival is about creating awareness of our amazing wildlife and encouraging its conservation.

vivid sydney 2016 creatures projected on the opera house

Mythical creatures appear, or are they just flying foxes transformed into dragons with the power of light projection? The giant bat, native to Australia is an endangered species in some areas of the country. 

lights on the opera house sydney 2016 - astronaut figure

And the myth continues with the phantom-like figure of the  astronaut, a white apparition with large black eyes, straight nose, no mouth and a halo above the head. The figures are based on ancient aboriginal rock and cave art discovered throughout the Kimberley. Are they vivid descriptions of extraterrestrial visits, passed on through generations via rock painting or are they the pure imagination of people trying to understand history and creation and making up stories?

aboriginal figure projected on the opera house 2016

An aboriginal man pops up against a splash of ochre, orange, red and charcoal, colours of the desert that are typical to Australian aboriginal art and appear in many paintings. 

vessel display the ilovesydney hashtag for sydney vivid 2015

We leave the fauna, flora and history aside to focus on the urban landscape transformed into a forest of bright colour, with all the buildings in Circular Quay beaming with light.

vivid sydney festival 2016 museum of contemporary art

The Museum of Contemporary Art is covered in paint...

vivid sydney 2016 - museum of contemporary art painting

...which drips and gives character to the building.

sydney vivid 2016 red trees

Flame trees and various interactive installations bring more colour and joy to people spending a night out in Circular Quay.

Sydney Vivid 2016 - Darling Harbour

sydney vivid 2016 darling harbour

Lasers on the Maritime Museum and brightly lit tall ships invite tourists and residents to Darling Harbour.

sydney vivid 2016 darling harbour waterspouts

The Laser Dragon Water Theatre features waterspouts and fountains with the 'dragons' spitting flame jets. 

vivid 2016 hologram in darling harbour

Holographic silhouettes dance the night away, while fireworks send myriads of falling stars through the dark sky.

A great time to visit Sydney in winter!

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