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Sydney transport is a hot topic for debate, as the city covers a huge area and roads can get rather crowded at peak hours. You often get stuck in traffic when you drive.

It is better to use the public transport.

The main options are buses and the train.

But the best commuting option is by the ferry.

Not the quickest but definitely the most relaxing one.

The slowest is probably the bus as it stops frequently and can get from A to B via a huge loop to cover many areas that do not have other public transport services.

Sydney transport - buses

Sydney buses cover a radius of about 20 km from the centre and then a bit further to the northern Pittwater.

Different bus services run in the other areas of Greater Sydney.

How to recognise a bus stop?

  • Some bus stops have a shelter with timetables and maps on its walls.
  • Other stops have a pole with a bus sign and a timetable.
sydney bus stop CentralSydney buses stop on George Street, near Central Stations
  • But in the suburbs the bus stop sign can hang on a power pole. And there's no timetable. If you are not a frequent bus traveller you might simply miss the stop.

Buses run rather often during peak hours but have limited services off peak. In the outer suburbs of Sydney the off peak buses are quite scarce.

Pick a bus timetable and route map at a ticket shop. You will then know how much you have to wait and where the bus will take you.

The route number is on the front of the bus. Wave your hand so that the driver knows that you want to get on the bus, otherwise they will not stop. To get off the bus look for a red stop button on the walls or on handrails and press it.

Enter through the front door and tap on your Opal card insert your prepaid ticket into the ticket machine. Preferably exit from the rear door and don't forget to tap off your Opal, if you used one. If you forget you can be charged the maximum daily fare.

If you want to travel around the City for business or shopping then there is a free shuttle bus that runs around the CBD (Central Business District). You can use it during the day. Check the time as it runs in the morning and early afternoon on week days and a bit longer on weekends. 

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