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If you are wondering which are the hottest Sydney jobs, the answer is not that difficult.

Sydney is the largest city in Australia, the entry gate to the country and has an excellent quality of life.

This means the majority of Australian and international large corporations in the financial services and technology area have their headquarters here. And they need skilled people to service their customers.

About two thirds of the people employed in New South Wales work in Sydney.

However statistics show that there is more demand for skilled people in regional areas of the state than in its capital city, which means employment growth is stronger there.  This is because skills tend to congregate towards capital cities and people in regional areas usually have lower qualifications that in larger cities.  Qualified people are highly sought after in the regions.

So how does the Sydney employment market look like and which are the growth industries that employ more people?

Sydney Jobs, Where do More People Work?

Here are the growth industries:

  • The financial services sector is one of the largest industries in Australia. And it is probably the fastest growing one in Sydney.
    The city is home to more than 80% of all the banks in this country. Plus the financial sector in Australia has come almost untouched from the downturn.
    However in 2012 banks started to shed some of their jobs or move them overseas.
  • Information technology and communications have also taken central stage in the capital of New South Wales. Both the heavyweights in the industry and many small companies service and support IT platforms, virtual networks and communication needs of various businesses. Definitely a growing area.
construction jobs Darling Harbour area
  • Construction is a very large sector that employs many people and is still growing.
  • Manufacturing jobs in those industries that are leading with innovation are on the rise. These are the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronic equipment, aircraft manufacturing, precision tools, medical and surgical equipment sectors. Really, it is mainly light manufacturing. The heavy one is gone.
  • Scientific jobs, professional and technical services, which include accounting and legal roles, engineering, architecture employ a large, highly skilled work force in Sydney. These sectors have good growth prospects.
  • Call centre jobs in Sydney are well represented too. While some companies have moved their operations to various locations in Asia, there are still several tens of thousands of jobs in Sydney. And as Sydney is such a multicultural place, these companies hire multilingual staff to serve both the Australian and international market.
  • Retail jobs are on the rise again, with more shopping centres opening up and more international retailers entering the market.

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