Sydney History - The Rocks

Sydney history starts with the Rocks. It covers the entire time span since European settlement in Australia.

For thousands of years before that, the Rocks was home to the Gadigal people, the original inhabitants of Sydney.

Its fascinating history is linked to that of convicts brought here and set free. The wilderness and remoteness of the place was a punishment big enough. No need for a gaol.

sydney history cadmans cottage

Start your trip back in time by visiting the Cadman's Cottage.

It is the oldest building in the city and served as residence for a former convict and his wife.

Or take the Nurses Walk lane to get to the site of the first hospital. Soon after the founding of the colony a hospital was established. It was always full as illness was very common among the convicts and settlers.

Stroll along the narrow lanes. Drunken sailors roamed along them in the 1800s. These dark, tiny alleys used to offer protection for thieves and had witnessed many gang wars.

sydney history suez canal

One of these lanes is Suez Canal.

The name became official about 30 years ago, but this is how its residents had always called it, as it was always flooded when it rained.

sydney history - mission stairs in the rocks

Step on the Mission Stairs. They evoke the Sydney City Mission work to provide food and clothes to the homeless, during the first half of the 20th century.

The mission offered shelter and helped people with warm food through the depression years.

Sydney History - The Rocks Museums

sydney history sussanah place museum in hte rocks

Visit the Susannah Place Museum.

Enter through its shop that reminds of times long gone. There are a couple of brooms near the door, some old tins and shelves full of things you have only seen in old photos.

Then discover how families lived back in the 19 century in these small terrace houses. Sussanah Place actually served as residence to various families up to 1990.

sydney history discovery museum in the-rocks

To get more information about the history of Sydney, go to the Discovery Museum.

It retraces the life of the Gadigal people, the colourful stories of convicts and settlers, sailors and merchants.

And it has a lot of cool features, for example, you can hear voices telling real stories, you can touch screens or read documents to know more about those stories.

Then get out and enjoy the fascinating present of The Rocks in Sydney and enjoy its exquisite boutiques, fine restaurants and great water views.

And if you want more information about Sydney, its history and its present, don't miss the Museum of Sydney.

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