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Climbing the Harbour Bridge is a once in a lifetime adventure, exuberance, fun, thrill and views. While it may seem daunting, it is very safe.

If you want to enjoy magnificent views of the Sydney Harbour and feel at the top, book a bridge climb.

It is a unique and a breathtaking experience. And a safe environment with all the special clothing, harness and communication equipment that you will wear.

Professionals are there to guide you to the summit of the bridge. You will be able to get 360 degrees, unbeatable views of the great harbour.

But you won't be able to take your own photos as cameras are not allowed on the climb for safety reasons. To take great pictures of Sydney and enjoy an excellent lookout, go to Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon.

Your own photos or not, the climb experience is really great and the views are just stunning.

sydney harbour bridge climb yachts 1

Follow the trails of white foam behind boats, yachts, or larger ships.

sydney harbour bridge climb opera view 3

Watch them move like tiny dots around the bigger, tiled, still sails of the Opera House that glitter in the sun.

Book your Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb Adventure

The climb of the Aussie icon started on 1 Oct 1998. More than 2 million people have been on top of the bridge since then.

sydney harbour bridge climb adventure

You can choose how you want to do the climb: quickly or thoroughly:

  • If you are in a hurry and have only 2 hours or so, you can take the express climb.
  • But if you have enough time, take the longer 3 and a half hours climb to feel at the top and enjoy the views longer.

You can do the climb at various hours:

  • early morning to see the sun rise,
  • late afternoon to see it set,
  • during the day, or
  • at night.

It all depends on personal preference, and your budget. The dawn and twilight climbs are more expensive.

All the experiences, while different are awesome. Book your climb now by clicking on the link below.

If steel stairs and climbing to scary heights make your blood pressure run high, try the Bridge Pylon. You will also be able to look back into the history and learn more about the building of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

And to enhance your experience, you will be able to take your own photos of Sydney, which you can't when you climb it.

Here are other pages full of great information about the bridge, its building and history.

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