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Sydney Australia Events, March

Here is a selection of Sydney Australia events in March. They include movies, food and live music, the Mardi Gras parade, and lots of entertainment.

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February Sydney Events

Many of the February Sydney events are associated with the Chinese New Year. It is an exciting time for Asian communities and tourists in the harbour city.

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Sydney Events in January

Some of the best Sydney events happen as soon as the New Year settles in. The first month of the year is packed with entertainment, shows and things to do around the city.

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What's on in Sydney, December?

December is the best summer month, so what's on in Sydney during this festive season? Here's how you can celebrate Christmas and the end of the year in Australia's best city.

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What to Do in Sydney, November

Wondering what to do in Sydney in November? Here is some great stuff to enjoy: sculptures by the sea at Bondi, ethnic films, music and community festivals.

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Travel Alice Springs, Visit the Town and its Attractions

Travel Alice Springs to enjoy many hidden jewels of this Central Australian town. One of them is the Olive Pink Botanic Garden.

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Sydney Activities for a Winter Month - August

Choose these great Sydney activities in August. Participate to the City2Surf run, watch or get involved with boating, celebrate ethnic culture and movies. Don't stay at home. Get moving.

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What to Do in Sydney, July

Not sure what to do in Sydney in July? It is the best time to hop on a boat and go whale watching or to celebrate Bastille day and go to cool winter events.

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Things to Do in Sydney, June

Some of the things to do in Sydney during the first winter month include festivals: the night comes alive with lights on the sails of the Opera and there are movies galore.

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What's on in Sydney in May. Events you Should not Miss.

Wondering what’s on in Sydney in May? Mother's Day is one important event. But there are other great events you should join or just watch: the half marathon and various creative and fun festivals.

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Events in Sydney Australia, April

Autumn is rich in events in Sydney Australia with the celebration of the Anzac Day, the Royal Easter Show, the racing carnival, comedy, film and art festivals.

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Freycinet Peninsula - 5 Great Walks

The Freycinet peninsula on Tasmania's east coast is a nature's wonder. Here are five short walks to enjoy majestic peaks, amazing beaches,stunning views.

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East Coast Tasmania, Top Spots to Visit

For those of us who are busy, East Coast Tasmania is the perfect place to relax.

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Things to Do in Sydney, October

One of the best things to do in Sydney is to be around the harbour for the various events in October. It is a month packed with music and fun, short films, a quirky art festival and much more.

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What to Do in Sydney, September

Here is what to do in Sydney in September: enjoy festivals such as the Manly arts or Sydney Fringe Festival, Italian movies and more. They all come packed with entertainment and food.

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Carmen on Sydney Harbour

Opera on Sydney harbour

Rain or star glitter, the open air opera on Sydney Harbour is a must go event. Sipping your champagne and listening to the famous Habanera sung by a fascinating Carmen, what can be better?

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Adele in concert in Sydney

Adele fans at olympic park station

95,000 fans crowded the trains and buses to get to Adele's concert at Sydney's ANZ stadium. The two-hour wait, or over, to get into the stadium and then more lengthy time to get back home was well worth it. An amazing show with a beautiful artist.

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Happy Year of the Rooster

rooster decorations

Bright red luminous roosters are decorating the shops and streets of Sydney for the Lunar New Year. Sydney hosts the biggest celebration of this annual event out of Asia.

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas at the beach in sydney

Merry Christmas from a sunny Sydney beach with the most beautiful clear blue water!

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Australia Currency - Is it Going Up or Down?

Stay on top of where Australia currency is going and ask the experts to help you get the best rates if you want to transfer your money overseas.

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Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney

The Royal Botanic Garden has a stunning location: it is right in the heart of City, next to the Opera House and is a place for leisure and learning.

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Sydney Vivid 2016

Marking its eighth anniversary, Sydney Vivid 2016 is brighter and better with new precincts transformed by light installations.

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Happy Chinese New Year

lunar new year in martin place

Sydney is celebrating the arrival of the Lunar New Year with bright red decorations in Martin Place, and zodiac animals scattered around the city.

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Australian Universities

Many domestic and international students graduate from Australian universities and increase their chances to find employment worldwide. Here is more about these tertiary studies institutions.

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Idle seating and Christmas tree on George Street

seating on the george street bus lane

With traffic closed in Sydney's George Street to allow for the construction of the light rail, people can now sit down on wooden pallets that form part of the street decor along the former bus lane. The crates are there for anyone to sit and have a chat, eat their take away lunch, look at the funny golden bauble tree, think about the Christmas presents to shop for or evaluate the purchases and rethink the budget. All the big retail outlets are ready and eagerly waiting to sell the festive stocks.

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New South Wales Universities

The five New South Wales universities offer great studying options if you live in regional areas or want to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Universities in Western Australia

The five universities in Western Australia are in or around Perth, but some have campuses that cover areas of the far north west or mining regions in the state.

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Australia Universities - Adelaide

Australia universities in Adelaide are among the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. University of Adelaide has Nobel prize winners among its graduates.

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Universities in Sydney

For high quality undergrad and postgrad studies enrol into one of the universities in Sydney. Famous Australian scientists, artists or politicians built their skills at these schools.

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Which Canberra University is Right for You?

Do you want to study in the capital of Australia? Which Canberra university to go to? Here are three options: Australian Catholic University, Australian National Uni and University of Canberra.

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Victoria Universities

In addition to universities in Melbourne, there are three more Victoria universities which are bringing tertiary education to regional areas of this state.

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Universities in Melbourne

Many famous Australian personalities graduated from universities in Melbourne. Students can choose among a huge number of courses, with some Melbourne universities offering tertiary and TAFE courses.

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Sydney Life, Art and About Festival

A piece of Sydney life through the eyes of children and grown-ups. Photography is part of the annual Art and About festival.

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Sydney Vivid Festival 2015

The Sydney Vivid festival lit up The Rocks, painted the town and proved a crowd pleaser again in 2015. Every year it is embracing more and more of the City and its surrounds.

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Australia Population - Remarkable Growth

Australia population - media reveales new growth figures. The population is expanding at a rate higher than in other countries and it is changing its composition.

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Travel Sydney Australia

Are you a tourist heading down under? Travel Sydney Australia by tram, ferries or water taxi to enjoy the best views of the city.

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Our Favourite Australia Beach

Our favourite Australia beach is one of the Sydney beaches, North Curl Curl. It is a little gem with a rock pool and great views of the city.

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Why Sydney Ferries is the Best Way to Make the Most of the Harbour City

Ryde the Sydney ferries for a very pleasant and extremely affordable way to see the best tourist attractions in Australia. You will enjoy a harbour cruise without the price tag.

Continue reading "Why Sydney Ferries is the Best Way to Make the Most of the Harbour City"

Sydney Transport - Buses

Sydney transport is a hot topic for debate, as roads get crowded at peak hours. The main options for public transport are buses, the train and the ferries.

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Sydney Trains

Sydney trains bring many of the widespread suburbs in this city closer.

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Anzac Poppies

cunard queen elizabeth docked in sydney

A large red floral 100 sign stood proudly in front of cruise ship Queen Elizabeth, as Sydney-siders filled it with poppies to commemorate 100 years since the Gallipoli campaign. The ship left Sydney on March 4 and will transport the poppies to Anzac Cove, arriving there on April 24.

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Buying a car

I’m moving to Australia from Greece. I am an Australian citizen by decent from my mother’s side. Things in Greece are not going good. I’m coming over

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Australian Food, Rich and Tasty

You have to love Australian food. With a population coming from so many different backgrounds, the Australian food culture is exciting and the cuisine is diverse, stylish and tasty.

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Wednesdays after Hours at NSW Art Gallery - January 2015

wednesday after hours at nsw art gallery

The now popular "Art after Hours" event on Wednesdays at the NSW Art Gallery goes retro with a line up of celebrities sharing their views on all things of the pop era during the four decades from 1950s to 1980s. Listen to their thoughts about vintage cars, fashion, the flower power movement and feminism. Enjoy live music and dance the night away.

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The NSW Art Gallery, a Great Museum in Sydney

The NSW Art Gallery has an impressive collection of Australian and international art and if offers much more than this. Here are six reasons to visit this amazing Sydney art gallery.

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Peron Dunes in Tasmania

Hello, I read your articles about your trip in Tasmania and it looks amazing! I have a question about Peron Dunes. How do I get there? Do I need a 4wd

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Sculpture by the Sea 2014, Bondi Beach

The Sculpture by the Sea exhibition runs yearly at Bondi over two weeks in spring with huge crowds amassing to the beach.

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Living in Australia

Hi, I am a European student following a degree in B'Ed Physical Education. Basically I am in my final year of studies and after I graduate me and my boyfriend

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Australian Banks

If you are relocating down under you will want to know more about Australian banks and what to expect from them. Where to park your money? What fees do they charge? Where to get more information?

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