Sydney Australia Weather, Nice and Mild

Sydney Australia weather is pleasant all year round. You can smell the crisp scents of blossoming flowers in spring and enjoy a rich palette of colours in autumn.

Sydney enjoys a temperate climate with warm summers and cool winters. The ocean brings a lovely breeze during the summer months to the suburbs along the coast.

Lovely summer afternoon - Manly Beach Lazy summer afternoon at Manly Beach

The best seasons are autumn and spring. The ocean is warm in autumn. What can be better for beach lovers than milder sun and warm water?

You can generally swim from early spring till late autumn. And surfers can enjoy the waves in winter too.

Winter mornings can start chilly (5 - 6 degrees C) but temperature goes up during the day and can reach a fresh 18 - 20 C.

Don't get me wrong. Cold weather in Sydney Australia doesn't mean you need to buy really warm clothes. You probably won't wear T-shirts in winter but you can manage without padded coats and thick underwear. For work, you can actually wear the same type of clothing all year round. Vary them with fashion and your liking.

Sydney can sometimes get strong winds, storms and hail but it is not affected by cyclones. Generally it has a little bit more rain than other Australian cities. However drought has created water shortage. And areas of the city close to bush have sometimes had bushfires during spring or summer.

Click here if you want to know what is the weather in Sydney right now.

Without a doubt, Sydney weather allows an excellent lifestyle with plenty outdoor activities for beach lovers or bush lovers.

Lookout in the Blue Mountains View from the top in the Blue Mountains

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