Sydney Australia Attractions with a Twist:

Colourful Statues, Bikes and Faces

Opera House and the Bridge come to mind when thinking about Sydney Australia attractions. But every now and then, there are other interesting and unexpected things to do in Sydney.

Here are some of them:

Come spring, the city is home to the "Art and About Sydney". It is a festival that has been going on for some years now.

It includes art, installations, music, performances, photography, and tours that help you discover hidden treasures of the city.

The festival is a creative event that brings to life interesting and surprising projects and engages artists with their followers.

One of these events was the Sydney Statues project 2010.

Sydney Australia Attractions - The Colourful Statues

From September 23 to October 24, 2010, eight statues in the City had a new look. They were all making a fashion statement, dressed up in vivid colours. Four of these statues were:

  • James Cook, in Hyde Park,
  • Queen Victoria, on Macquarie Street,
  • Prince Albert, on Macquarie Street,
  • Il Porcellino, in front of the Sydney Hospital.

statue of james cook in hyde park dressed up for sydney art and about festival 2010 - back of mantle

Captain Cook's mantle is a reminder of his life on the seas. It shows the Endeavour, the ship he was in command of, when he discovered Australia in 1770.

statue of james cook in hyde park dressed up for sydney art and about festival 2010

All the clothing is inspired by his expeditions and voyages around the Pacific.

statue of queen victoria macquarie street, dressed up for sydney art and about festival 2010

Queen Victoria's outfit displays Australian native plants and wildflowers. She wears a waratah on her head. The flower is the floral emblem of New South Wales.

statue of prince albert on macquarie street dressed up for sydney art and about festival 2010

Prince Albert, Victoria's husband, whose statue is just across that of the Queen, wears a cape with hearts. It symbolises the romantic relation between the two royals.

statue of il porcellino in front of sydney hospital, during the Art and About Sydney festival 2010

Il Porcellino is a copy of a famous statue in Florence. Just like there, passers-by stop to rub its nose, hoping for some good fortune.

For the duration of the festival, the boar has received a pair of wings to attract more fortune to those who drop a couple of coins.

Sydney Australia Attractions - "Bike Bike" and Faces

The Art and About festival is addressing environmental issues. Marvel at the gigantic "Bike Bike" that was set up in Martin Place.

sydney australia attractions, high wheel bicycle in Martin Place, during the Art and About Sydney festival 2010

A huge installation of recycled bikes that are shaped to look like the 19th century high-wheel bicycle prompts our thinking about the way we are using transport, questioning whether it is sustainable for the future.

sydney australia attractions, banners showing faces of people for sydney art and about festival 2010

"We are all different and that is why life is so interesting," seems to be the message of the hundreds of banners showing faces of various Sydney-siders.

They look at you from banner poles on the main streets in the City.

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