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If you are flying into Sydney Australia airport and want to know how far it is from the City, here is some information. Below are also some tips about Sydney airport parking.

The airport is quite close to the City also known as CBD (Central Business District) - it is around 10 km away, in the suburb of Mascot.

It has three terminals one for international flights and two for domestic.

You can walk from one terminal to the other or you can travel between them by bus or by train, but transport is not free.

How to Get from Sydney Airport to the City

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You can use taxis and shuttles or Sydney public transport: buses and trains.

  • By taxi 

This is the easiest but also the most expensive option, if you travel alone. If you are travelling with your family or friends, taxi can be cheaper than going by train. Generally expect to pay around 50 to 80 $ for a ride in taxi to the city, depending on whether you take a standard cab or a limousine. If you go further and through tolled motorways, tunnels or the Sydney Harbour Bridge, add the tolls to the price shown on the meter. It's better to have cash to avoid additional fees that come with a payment by credit card.

  • By shuttle 

There are various bus companies that provide shuttle services to the airport. Some drop you at hotels, others can take you directly to your home.You can be lucky and travel alone or just with your group, or you might have to share the shuttle with others and go in a loop till everyone is dropped off. Prices can vary. So hit the internet and type Sydney Australia airport shuttles for more information on prices. Or check the transfer options below and book the one that suits you.

  • By train

The stations are located at both domestic and international terminals and it takes about 15 to 25 minutes to go to the City, depending on where you want to stop: Central, Wynyard or one of the other stations of the City Circle line.

  • By bus  

Visit and fill in the address or suburb where you want to go. You will find out what bus to take. 

But you may decide that you don't want to carry your luggage to the City at all. If so scroll down and click the images below to learn about hotels around the airport and read more about top attractions in Sydney.

Sydney Australia Airport Parking

There are several car parks at the airport for short term or long term parking. There are also some companies that offer long term parking near the airport and even a shuttle to take you to the terminal. These are generally cheaper options than parking at the airport.

If you are travelling from the outer suburbs, renting a car may be cheaper than driving your own car and leaving it in a car park.  Rent, drive, fill up the tank and drop the hired car at the airport. 

Check the website to see which are the car rental agencies that have counters in the terminals and just go from there.

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