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Start a New Life in Australia

Home Australia has smiling people, good job prospects, fabulous food, pristine beaches...and Sydney. Find out more. Follow the story of a family who chose to start a new life down under.

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News in Australia Here's how to follow the latest news Down Under.

Search Australian newspapers.

Search Sydney newspapers


Travel Visa How to apply to get clearance for your travel down under.

Holiday Visa ETA visitor visa

Tourist Visa

eVisitor Visa

Sponsored Family Visa

Working Holiday

Work Visa An overview of the 457 temporary visa for skilled workers nominated and sponsored by an employer.

Business Visa

Visa in Australia Applying when you are there

Research about Moving to Australia

Emigrate to Australia

Australian Immigration Visa for Skilled People

Immigration in Australia - Preparing your application file

Immigration Lawyer - Help with Choosing the Right Visa for You

Immigration to Australia - How Much Will it Cost to Apply for Your Visa?

Visa for Australia as a business owner

Visas for business talent

Skilled Independent Migrants

Skilled Sponsored

Employer Sponsored Visas for Australia

Relocate to Australia

Emigrate Australia Checklist

Migrate to Australia - Which are the Disadvantages?

Australian Currency

Transfer Funds to Australia

What Money Can Buy You

Australia Currency and how money look like

Foreign Exchange Market Updates

How to Transfer Money Overseas

Australia Facts

Australia Facts An overview about this country.

Australia Facts Unusual some figures about population density, size of properties or facts about unpredictable weather.

Australian Economy is modern and vibrant

Australian People

Australian Values

Mary MacKillop

Events around the Country

Australian Food Culture

Australian Cuisine

Australian Diet

The Food

Australian Foods

Typical Australian Food

What Do Australians Eat?

What do Aborigines Eat?

Aboriginal Food Finding water in the desert.

Australian Aboriginal Food

Aboriginal Australians Medicine

Australian Aborigines' Story of Survival

Popular Foods

Easy Australian Recipes

Australian Fish Recipes

Quick Prawn Recipes

Obesity in Australia

Australian Slang is colourful and rich.

Time in Australia differs by states and seasons.

Time Zones

Australian Public Holidays

Easter in Australia

Christmas in Australia

More about Australian Christmas

New Years Eve Sydney

More Facts

Facts about Australia

Fun Facts

Interesting Facts

The Geography - the Smallest Continent but the Sixth Largest Country

The Climate - Generally Nice, Pleasant and Suitable For Outdoor Activities

Weather in Sydney - Wonderful in Summer and Mild in Winter

Current Weather in Sydney

The Drought

Top Australian Beaches

Byron Bay New South Wales

Taronga Zoo, Dubbo - Why Go There?

Australian Zoo Safari

Dubbo Zoo Information

Dubbo Zoo - How to Get There

Animals - Diverse and Unique

More about Animals

The History - A Brief Outline of the Main Events

History of Australia in the 20th century.

Population - a Small Population, But a Big Nation

Australia Population - Remarkable Growth

Australian Aboriginals - the Native Population

The Flag

Famous Australians

Famous Australians

Welcome Home, Jessica Watson

Australian Actresses

Australian Actors



Australian Singers

Famous People

Famous Australian Singers

Famous People from Australia

Famous Artists

Heath Ledger, a Famous Artist

Olympic Australian Success

Sydney Olympics 2000

Famous Australian Women

Australian Glamour Models

Travel to Australia

Airfares, What to Expect.

Air Travel

Airline Tickets to Australia

Flights to Sydney

Flight Ticket, A Cheaper Option with Air Asia

Emirates Flight

Cheap Flights to Australia - Can You Actually Get Them?

Cheap Flights - Plan your travel early.

Discount Airfare to Australia - Be flexible. Some tips about high and low seasons.

Cheap Airfares - Search for them online.

Economy Flight - Choose your seats early for more comfort.

Australia Cheap Flights - Shop around, there are some deals out there.

Bargain Flight to Australia - Book online on airlines sites or travel sites.

Qantas - The Flying Kangaroo.

Jetstar Airlines - Affordable domestic flights.

Virgin Blue

Tiger Airways

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