Sculptures by the Sea, Great Art Exhibition at Bondi Beach

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Is art a favourite pastime? Then how about admiring works of art by the sea?

Enjoy culture and outdoors in one go. And the best of all? It is a free event.

Every spring, the Bondi to Tamarama 2 km coastal walk is home to the outdoor sculpture exhibition.

The 2013 edition takes place between 24 October to 10 November.

There are similar sculpture events in Cottesloe Beach (Perth, Western Australia) and Aarhus (Denmark). But the inspiration for them all was the one at Bondi.

Click on the images below to see them as a gallery.

stairs over bondi panorama 2013 sculpture exhibition

Monumental works of art adorn the coastal walk between Bondi to Tamarama.

arcade looking towards bronte cliffs at sculpture by the sea 2013

The views are some of the best in Sydney. Look at the proof. The works above have captured all the magnificence.

reflecting the light at bondi 2013 sculpture by the sea

How clever is this crystal ball reflecting the horizon with the ocean and rocks projected upside down on the sky, just like behind the lens of a giant eye suspended above the cliffs.

transparent sculpture by the sea in sydney 2013

Reflecting the light seems to be a theme with several sculptures made of transparent or mirror like materials.

mirror like sculpture bondi 2013

There are more than 100 works by contemporary international and Australian artists.

sculpture at bondi exhibition 2013

Here's trying to capture the vivid red, that comes with the joy of a happy bounce, against the monochrome background.

outdoor art 2013 sydney - rainbow

So photographing in two colours goes on with a red rainbow like statue...

rock fishing in bondi sydney

...and a man fishing on the rocks oblivious of the art behind him.

steel flower sculpture by the sea at bondi 2013

It's hard to stop watching the blades passing each other as the wind turns them around. Will they run into each other or will they not? They definitely don't.

sculptures hanging above the ocean 2013 sculpture by the sea

And here's another fine balancing act with stairs that lead to nowhere.

stairs ovelooking bondi beach - 2013 sculpture by the sea

More stairs rising towards the sky above Bondi.

bondi 2013 child head with bubble gum

Will that bubble burst?

Sculptures by the Sea - 2012 Pictures

outdoor exhibition at bondi 2012

Outdoor room with a view! The 2012 event was spectacular too.

Hover your mouse on any of the small images below to see them larger in a larger format.

outdoor art exhibition bondi 2012

Sydney Life Art and About 2012 sculptures at bondi - 2012 bondi to tamarama outdoor art outdoor exhibition at the ocean Bondi Beach Australia exhibition

How to Get to Bondi Beach Sculptures by the Sea

Avoid hopping into your car. It is a pain to find a parking spot. And if you find one you can leave your car there for two hours only. Then you need to drive away to find another spot.

Public transport is a much better option. Take the train to Bondi Junction and then look for buses that run to Bondi Beach (333, 380, 381) or to Tamarama (361).

During the weekends of the event the 361 bus will run every 15 minutes to take crowds to the exhibition. Buy a ticket before you take the bus to make sure you have more choices, as most of the buses require prepaid tickets.

Want to know more about the works? Go there on Saturdays and Sundays, get to Mark's Park and listen to artists as they share their creative journey. 

Grab a catalogue to see when and where the talks happen or spot the bean bags next to one of the works.

That means the author will be there soon to talk about their experience.

Take a seat and expect to learn more. Be sure to apply lots of sunscreen as you are walking or sitting in the sun.

Forgot to take your sun protection when you left home? No worries, there are a couple of sunscreen stations along the shore. Stop, slop the sun cream, slap on your hat and you're good to go.

And there are some free water stations too. Just so that you stay hydrated and protected.

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