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If you want to taste international food and are thinking about ethnic restaurants Sydney has plenty of them.

With so many people coming from various ethnic backgrounds and bringing in their own tastes and preferences, more and more Sydney restaurants catering to their needs, gained in variety, flavours and styles.

Below is a sample of eateries spanning food from three continents: Africa, Europe, and Asia. Some are more expensive, others quite affordable.

Ethnic Restaurants Sydney - Out of Africa

restaurants sydney - african prawns

This is an exotic restaurant on the busy Manly Esplanade, beautifully decorated with Moroccan furniture and rugs and African artworks. A large poster of the chef hangs right next to the entrance so you know you are stepping into a signature restaurant.

We went with a large group so had the opportunity to taste many dishes.

Food does not disappoint.

On the contrary.

It is a feast of the sensory pleasure.

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restaurants sydney - african lamb sosaties

restaurants sydney - african lamb sosaties restaurants sydney - african seafood bouillabaisse restaurants sydney - african sardines restaurants sydney - african meatballs restaurants sydney - african dips

The entrees came with three colourful, yummy dips, marinated sardines, spicy grilled calamari and prawns.

Some of the best mains include the South African lamb sosaties on fruity rice with a beautiful rich sauce and dollops of sour cream and the Morroccan meat balls in tomato sauce, both must have signature dishes.

The mouth-watering chicken and lamb tagines, the fluffy cous cous, the hearty beef and the tender pork cutlets plus the fresh seafood bouillabaisse have interesting flavours and combinations of texture and tanginess.

All in all a very interesting and pleasant experience.

Go to TripAdvisor to see what other people who dined at Out of Africa think about this restaurant.

Ethnic Restaurants Sydney - Tommy's Beer Cafe

restaurants sydney - tommys beer cafe - apetizers anchovies, olives

More meat?

Go for a Czech restaurant.

We tried Tommy's Beer Cafe in Potts Point, close to Kings Cross.

restaurants sydney - tommys beer cafe crumbed mushrooms Crumbed champignons

As we went early, the service was very quick and friendly.

While the evening progressed the restaurant became crowded and noisy.

The reason?

Yeah, spot on - the great Czech beer: Gambrinus, Budejovicky Budvar, Bernard lager or Bernard dark lager.

For the connoisseurs out there, there's even a Czech cut which is coming in an amber colour - it is the combination of the two Bernards.

As a recommendation - go with your friends to taste more food.

For example the appetizers include olives, anchovies, dips, potato pancakes with sour cream, marinated cheese and beautiful crumbed champignons.

restaurants sydney - tommys beer cafe pancakes Pancakes

As to the mains - huge portions, rich, creamy sauces, meat coming off the bone at a touch of the fork, no need for the knife.

There's crackling pork belly, roasted duck with bread dumplings and braised red cabbage, Hungarian veal goulash and the Swiss, Viennese, cheese or hunter schnitzels. You are just lost for choice.

Head to TripAdvisor to check how other people reviewed Tommy's Beer Cafe.

Ethnic Restaurants Sydney - Thai Lemongrass in Darlinghurst

restaurants sydney - pad thai king prawns Pad Thai king prawns

The number of Thai restaurants Sydney boasts is huge. We tried the Thai Lemongrass a couple of streets away from the CBD, close to the Australian Museum.

restaurants sydney - green papaya salad and prawn cakes Green papaya salad and prawn cakes

While it is not the best restaurant in its category, it is rather affordable and offers decent food and a service with a smile.

In two words - it is good value.

The crunchy green papaya salad and the prawn cakes were a good starter to share.

restaurants sydney - lime leaves peppercorn seafood

The lime leaves peppercorn seafood and pad Thai king prawns were really fresh and zesty and went well with the hot sticky rice.

A good restaurant for a rainy night out.

Read more reviews about this restaurant at TripAdvisor.

Ethnic Restaurants Sydney - Casa Asturiana

The Spanish quarter in Liverpool Street has several restaurants serving this unique, healthy Mediterranean food.

We went for the Casa Asturiana. Nice ambiance with Spanish artefacts on the walls and good entertainment with a group performing flamenco dance to get you into the right mood.

restaurants sydney - casa asturiana inside 1

restaurants sydney - casa asturiana inside 1 restaurants sydney - calamari restaurants sydney - strawberries in liquor restaurants sydney - spanish pastry restaurants sydney - casa asturiana

From the extensive tapas list we chose the calamari and the grilled sardines (sardines a la plancha).

The sardines were cooked to perfection but the calamari were a bit chewy, not really like the ones you can eat in Spain.

We stuck to the flavours of the sea for the mains with a succulent seafood paella and the fresh gambas tigre - prawns in a tomato sauce with jasmine rice. Excellent choice.

For the deserts, the strawberries floating in liquor and the Spanish pastry were nice, though they had too much cream.

We watered the food down with a jug of sangria, just to keep with the Spanish tradition, though, in hindsight, we should have gone for the wine.

TripAdvisor is a good resource to see more reviews from people who dined at Casa Asturiana.

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