Renting a House

by Abdullah
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

How to rent a house in Australia before arriving there?


Frankly I don't think you can rent a house before arriving to Australia. Though it is worth trying. Especially if you intend to go to a regional area where you found that the demand for rental is lower.

In major capital cities and many regional areas where economy is strong getting to rent a home is a rather tedious process even after you have arrived to this country. Because there are a lot of people that are looking for accommodation. And the majority have a credit history and have references from work or from other property managers where they rented before.

It is quite important to have such references and to be able to provide as many details about yourself as possible. You will be living in someone else's house and the owner needs to be confident that their tenants will look after the house and pay on time. That is why real estate agents require information and references. Here is where you can learn more about this.

Browse the rental section of this website for additional tips about applying for a home as a new arrival to Australia.

As a newcomer you probably don't have all the details that they require, the more so if you are still overseas. Also as a future tenant you need to be sure that you like the house you are renting, its location, and to know what amenities and transport options are available. It would be very difficult to get all these details without actually visiting the place.

So your best bet would be to start by staying at a hotel, serviced apartment or hostel depending on your budget. Then visit various suburbs to clarify where you want to live. Or if you have some friends that would be willing to share their home with you that would be an even better option.

Good luck.

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