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Have you relocated to Sydney recently? Then you probably searched the internet about rental accommodation. You don't want to continue living in a hotel as it depletes your savings when you need them more.

You're not in a hotel?

You're staying with friends?

Don't abuse the relationship if you want them friends for longer.

Get off their back and start looking for a place of your own.

Yeah... I know it's not easy. Sydney rental market is very, very tight. You can often see crowds lined up in front of open houses, waiting to get through and applications pour on the real estate agents' desks right after the visit.

Most of the applicants have an employment history, a tenant history, a credit history and references.

You probably have too.

But not in Australia.

So what are you to do to be able to compete? There are ways.

But first let's see what to look for when you search for a rental property.

Real Estate Sydney Australia - Some Factors to Consider

  • If you don't know where you will be working, try to find a rental property that is close to the rail. Not too close though. You don't want to hear all the noise day and night. 10 - 15 minutes walking distance to the station is fine. It will help maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid searching for a spot to park your car in the morning.
  • Proximity to any public transport is good. But rail can make your life easier, especially at the beginning when everything is new for you.
  • If you have kids, look for a place close to schools.
  • Go for a unit if you don't like gardening. Otherwise check your tenancy contract to see if the rent for the house includes payment for garden maintenance. If it doesn't, buy a lawn mower. Because you will have to cut the grass and keep the yard nice and tidy.
  • And check to see who pays for water. Normally it's you, the tenant who pays for utilities. You have to set up all utilities in your own name: electricity, telephone, internet, gas. 
  • With water, it's a bit different. There are two charges. One is the service charge for having water available at the property. The landlord pays this charge.
    The other is for the quantity of water used. If the property has an individual water meter then the owner can pass this cost to you.

Here's more about rental properties in Sydney.

Real Estate Sydney Australia - How to Compete for Rentals

Have you found a job yet? Remember how you had to prepare for your interview, do a search about the company, tell the panel how enthusiastic you are about what they do and how you are going to help them do better what they do?

Well, now you have the experience. Apply it again. This time with your application for renting accommodation in Sydney. Just push the repeat button. You are competing with dozens of other candidates for that lovely unit or house, which is close to all the amenities you want for a relaxed living in Sydney.

units in Manly, Sydney

So grab a nice folder and start filling it with your documents. Don't forget to include:

  • Payslips or a work contract, if you have any. If not then bank statements to show that you have the funds to pay the rent for a reasonable period of time before you get a job.
  • If you were a tenant in your home country or a mortgage payer it wouldn't hurt to have copies of those statements to show you were paying your debts in time.     
  • Drop in some nice photos of the houses where you lived before, to show that you cared and maintained them.         
  • And insert a cover letter.

      Cover letter? 

      Remember job interview above?

Yeah, describe your situation, tell the agent why you want the house and how you'll be a good tenant and will take care of it. When the agent makes the recommendation to the owner, you'll stand out as the person who will make the owner's life easier and help maintain their property.

Then dress nicely and go to inspect the house.

Why dress nicely?

To stand out from the crowd and show that you are organised and care. It helps put an additional tick to your application.

Real Estate Sydney Australia - Piece de Resistance...

As a last resort if you've used all the above tips and you were still rejected, throw in your piece de resistance...

...Offer to pay upfront the rent for 3 - 4 months. This really does put you head and shoulders above the other candidates.

Can't afford? Check out other options outside Sydney for a rental property.

Can afford? Here's an overview of the application steps for rental houses in Australia.

Good luck with your application.

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