Real Estate Agents Australia Wide, How Can They Help You Buy Property

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Real estate agents Australia wide are the people to go to when you want to deal with property, buy or sell Australian houses.

You wouldn't contact one before really knowing what you want, would you?

Of course you wouldn't. You're not going to waste your time. Or theirs.

So first browse real estate websites to see what properties are available in the suburbs that you like, how long they stay on the market and what the asking prices are.

Check the property pages in your local newspaper and grab property brochures from real estate offices.

Then go and talk with the agents.

Real Estate Agents Australia - Cliches Used

Property agents will listen to you and put you squarely into one of the three very large categories: first home buyer, up-grader and down-sizer.

As a first home buyer you probably have a lower budget and are looking at a unit or smaller house that may need some renovation or TLC (tender loving care). You're just getting your foot onto the property ladder.

As an up-grader you most likely want a McMansion, a 4 plus bedder, with a pool and large backyard in the suburbs. A friendly environment to raise your kids and a nice home to entertain your friends.

As a down-sizer you're searching for a unit, townhouse, villa, terrace or small 2 bedroom home. You don't want the hassle of renovation, or of maintaining a garden and a pool. You want to be closer to the city, get rid of one car and have dining and entertainment around the corner.

But within these three categories there are so many other wants. State your needs and preferences very clearly so that agents don't just go with the cliches, but find something that is really suitable to what you want.

Real Estate Agents Australia - Private Treaty Sale

A property for sale in Australia can be bought through:

  • a private treaty, which is by negotiation between buyer and seller;
  • or it can go under the hammer at an auction.

Here is what the agents do with a private treaty sale:

  • Create a marketing campaign - publish the information in the local media, internet, brochures.
home for sale in australia
  • Organise open houses, usually on weekends for 30 - 45 minutes each, to let potential buyers visit the houses they want to see.  
  • Can organise a visit outside the published hours if the owners of the house agree. Or tenants, if that house is an investment property and is rented out. Then the real estate agent has to contact the tenants and ensure they are happy with the day and time of the inspection. 
  • Collect the contact details of the visiting house hunters: names and phone numbers. If there's not too much interest in the property, they would ring you and ask for your feedback. But if there are heaps of people present and you like what you see, you better ring them.  
  • Show some of the sales documents, for example the contract or a title search. Again if there's no crowd, they will show you everything they have. But if there are many people around, agents will only care about those who look really interested and ask.  
  • Can provide more details about the house and the sale, for example how long it has been on the market.

      If you need to get more information, don't be shy.


      They won't give away the info otherwise.  But when asked they will respond.

  • Take the initial deposit and place it in a trust account. Which means the money cannot be accessed by the sellers and will only be paid to them when the contract settles. If the sale is off you should get the deposit back. 
  • Give you the keys on the settlement date.

Real estate agents act in the interest of the seller who is paying a sales commission.

The buyers do not pay anything to the sales agent.

However if you want someone to help you with the purchase, you can hire a buyer's agent. Ask what their fees are and what they can do for you.

Usually buyers agents act for the purchaser and  provide advice, find houses to buy and can help with the negotiation.

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