Qualified Driving Instructor

by Richard

Question: can a British qualified driving instructor transfer their skills to Australia?


Hi Richard,

Thanks for your question.

I had a quick look on the skilled occupation lists (SOL) and could not find your occupation.

The SOLs are the lists that name the jobs which are in demand in Australia. There are two lists: schedule 1 and 2. You can download them by visiting the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website at immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/sol-schedule1-2.pdf. You can also find there all the information about applying for a skilled visa, the points test and all the other requirements.

To get you started here is a quick overview of the lists:

  • Schedule 1 is for people who apply for a skilled independent visa.

  • Schedule 2 is for those who apply for a skilled visa and are also sponsored by one of the Australian states or territory governments. Actually people sponsored by a state or territory can choose a job from any of the two schedules.

So, if you apply as an independent, you have to nominate one of the jobs on the list 1 for which you have gained qualifications and experience through paid employment. It does not necessarily have to be the occupation that you are having right now, but it has to be a very recent one.

There is a broader range of occupations that you can nominate if you succeed in getting sponsorship from an Australian state or territory.

The visa information is extremely complex - there are several options with different requirements. Here's where a registered migration agent could help give you advice and find a solution for you, as they encounter lots of different circumstances and know what best suits to those cases.

But before paying for professional advice, take a quick and free online assessment with National Visas to see if you are eligible to apply for a visa. This should eliminate the guesswork and clarify whether you should proceed further, be it on your own or with the help of National Visas.

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