Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Technology, Transport, Australian Inventions and Fashion

Want to spend a fun day browsing fashion, design and science? Powerhouse Museum Sydney is the place to go.

History of the Powerhouse Museum

The museum has been collecting various objects since 1879, the year when Sydney hosted its first International exhibition. But most of them were destroyed a couple of years later. The grand pavilion in the Royal Botanic Gardens that housed the collection burnt down. The museum moved to Ultimo, close to its present location and soon outgrew the building.

In 1988 the whole museum relocated to a former tram depot and powerhouse which used to supply energy to Sydney trams. So there's an explanation for its name.

powerhouse museum sydney in darling harbour

Powerhouse Museum Sydney - What Can You See Inside?


Whether you want to know more about history of train travel in Australia, see horse drawn carriages, odd bikes, trams, cars, choppers, planes or space shuttles, it's all there.

powerhouse museum sydney horse drawn carriage

The first locomotive in New South Wales, beautifully restored with first, second and third class carriages tell more about different social classes in the early times.

powerhouse museum sydney horse drawn train

Life-size figures inside the carriages offer a snapshot of travel conditions: soft couches and lots of room for some, and backless, wooden seats for others.

As you see how transport has changed with time, you can't miss the airspace section. You can step inside a shuttle, see how astronauts go about their daily business, what they eat, how they sleep or shower. You can even start to feel dizzy and think there is no gravity around.

Labs and Experiments

Enter the fascinating world of laboratory experiments and discovery. Hop on a bike and see how you can power up the lights and wipers of a car, or spin quickly a black and white disc and see how it comes to life with colour.

Australian Inventions and Innovation

Here is your chance to see a number of interesting products manufactured in Australia in the past. You can also get more information about various projects that won excellence awards.

Design and Fashion

See how the items we like to collect have changed with time. These include furniture, ceramics, decorative objects and clothing. They were rich and embellished, then became simple and practical. Modern design makes them sophisticated and challenging.

This is just a small part of what you can see in the museum. There are so many other exhibits, that you need a whole day and then some more to visit it all. Check the information desk for free tours of the collections or exhibitions.

Powerhouse Museum Sydney - Location

The museum is right in the heart of Sydney, very close to Darling Harbour. It is located on 500 Harris Street in the suburb of Ultimo and is also close to Central station and Chinatown.

The easiest way to get there is by monorail. But it is much better to walk through Darling Harbour and enjoy all the views and vibrancy.

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