Pound Drops Against Australian Dollar

After running up for a couple of weeks, pound drops against Australian dollar, as a solution to debt crisis seems to be within reach. So what's next in the cards for currencies?

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Peter Lavelle, Pure FX - 14.10.2011.


The British pound has dropped against the Australian dollar this past week - in addition to other currencies including the euro - as confidence that Eurozone politicians can find a solution to the debt crisis increases.

This past weekend French and German premiers Nicholas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel pledged at a meeting in Berlin that - prior to a planned meeting of the G20 at Cannes on November 3rd - a solution to the debt crisis would be unveiled. The pair did not announce details of the plan but this nonetheless proved enough to boost confidence - raising the euro and other currencies including the Australian dollar against sterling.

Impact on the foreign exchange market:

Of course the obvious question regarding this pledge is whether Merkel can follow through. To date Eurozone leaders have been slow (at best!) to respond to the debt crisis - meaning it should be interesting to see what they propose! Nothing less than a magic bullet could send confidence in the euro tumbling again - once more prompting the euro and Australian dollar to decline.

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