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The Opera House in Sydney is one of the top tourist attractions in Australia. It is a famous arts centre. And its unique shape and waterfront location make it an excellent venue for social events.

Located on the Bennelong Point in close proximity of the Harbour Bridge the opera has strengthened Sydney's reputation as a world class, must-see city.

opera house sydney - bennelong point

The distinctive shell structure makes the building one of the engineering wonders of modern world. But it was not easy to build it.

Sydney of the 1950s was too conservative for a daring experiment and a visionary construction. But the flood of post war European immigrants raised the bar higher. A new venue was needed for concerts, a venue designed by the best talent in the world.

Jorn Utzon came up with the best design. However the history of Sydney opera house was full of unfortunate twists.

Here are some quick facts about the project and the building.

Opera House Sydney Venues

The opera complex has multiple performance halls:

  • The concert hall, which is the largest venue with a capacity of more than 2600 seats. Its grand organ is the largest mechanical action organ in the world and has more than 10000 pipes.
  • The opera theatre with more than 1500 seats and an orchestra pit for 70 musicians. It is used for opera, ballet and dance.
  • The drama theatre accommodates more than 500 people for theatrical and musical productions;
  • The playhouse with about 400 seats houses smaller musical and theatre shows or film screenings;
  • opera house sydney - forecourt

  • The studio is the smallest and a flexible venue with a seating of up to 350;
  • The Utzon room is a newer venue, the only interior designed by Jorn Utzon and renovated under his guidance in 2004;
  • The Forecourt is an open air venue.
    The Monumental Steps going to the building form the seating for large concerts or events.

There is also a recording studio and restaurants that offer gourmet food and a magnificent view of the harbour.

It is no wonder that the opera house is one of the major tourist attractions in Sydney. And that a celebrity like Oprah taped her show on a stage erected at the opera's forecourt.

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