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Nursing jobs in Australia are set to rise. If you have an international qualification you need to get it assessed and get a license. Scroll down to read more about a book that explains what you need to do to work in the Australian health care system.

We are a country with an ageing population. Baby boomers are a strong force. They are currently the segment with the largest disposable income.

They earn a lot and spend a lot, probably, more than any other generation. And they are not getting any younger.

They got used to a good life, expect to live longer and to have quality health care in their golden years.

So the prospects for nursing jobs in Sydney or anywhere else around the country are excellent.

Nursing Employment

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Registered nurses are in demand across the whole country.

They work in hospitals and health care organisations, medical clinics, general practice centres, laboratory and research institutions, community service and aged care facilities.

There are two categories of nursing employment in Australia:

  • registered nurse, which requires tertiary studies (a bachelor degree)
  • enrolled nurse, which requires lower levels of qualification

If you are a nurse qualified overseas and want to apply for your skilled visa, your qualifications need to be assessed as equivalent to those of a registered nurse.
Enrolled nurse is not enough to get you through, if you are the main applicant.

Get your skills assessed by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council, and express your interest to apply for a permanent visa. 

To practice nursing in Australia you need more than just relevant qualification. You need a licence, so register with the Nursing and Midwifery Regulatory Authority in your state.

When you get your registration, you are ready to start looking for work.

All this sounds quite simple but it is not. The process is rather complicated. But, as a nurse, you are dealing with human lives, and complexity is the right thing.

Australian Health Care, Where to Get Information?

nursing in australia book Download the Nursing in Australia guide to find out how to work as a nurse Down Under

Here is a nurse turned writer who has done it all and explains everything in her book. She held various nursing jobs in Australia, coming from the UK, so she has a wealth of information.

Everything from preparing to come to the country, getting your visa, writing your resume, interviewing, registering as a nurse by state, it's all there. Plus employers, jobs, salaries...over 360 pages of information to put you on the front foot in this job.

If you are thinking to work in Australia as a nurse, this book is for you. Buy it now and get all the information you need to start in this career.

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