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Emma Bates, the author of Nursing in Australia, is a well respected nurse, teacher and writer.

She has researched information and published a great book packed with details about how to settle into working in health care in Australia and getting on with a new life style.

The nursing profession is one of the skilled occupations in high demand in this country, so we want to know more about her book and how it helps guide overseas trained nurses travelling to Australia for work.

We asked Emma for an interview and she has kindly replied to our questions.

Emma, thank you for doing this interview with us. Please, tell us more about you.

I have worked in the health profession for nearly 20 years and have held a variety of senior nursing positions both in the UK and in Australia. I have published research in both countries and have taught nursing students who have newly arrived in Australia. I have also written research papers about overseas nurses migrating to the country and I manage a website and forums for nurses newly arrived down under.

I am originally from England; I trained as a nurse in the UK and came to Australia in January 2004. I love travelling and have travelled through many countries. I have also travelled around Australia extensively.

mma Bates, author of Nursing in Australia

Why did you choose Australia to work as a nurse?

Australia was a country I had always wanted to visit; I also wanted to know what it would be like to work and live in another country. I had read that it was possible to work in Australia as an overseas nurse, so decided to get a job in this country.

Why did you write this book and who is it for? 

The "Nursing in Australia" eBook is for any nurse wishing to work down under.

When I first arrived in Australia there was nothing to guide me in the right direction. Overseas nurses are expected to find their own way through a new complicated health care system and there was nothing to help them or me through the process.

Back then (2004) I thought a guide book would have been handy and was surprised no one had written one, given the amount of overseas nurses that are in Australia. Although the health service do what they can to assist in the transition, it would have been useful to have a guide like this one. I spoke to many nurses who felt the same way, so I decided to write the book I wish I had had.

What is the eBook "Nursing in Australia" about? 

nursing in australia ebook

"Nursing in Australia - A Guide to Working and Living as a Nurse Down Under" is an exciting new eBook which aims to equip internationally qualified nurses with information prior to arriving to this country and starting work in the health service.

The eBook includes information on:

  • preparation nurses need to undertake (and what they need to know) up front,
  • how much it is likely to cost,
  • where they might think about living,
  • how to obtain the right visa, as well as
  • lots of technical information: from hospital contact details and advice on getting a job,
    to drug calculation checklists and National Inpatient Medication Charts. 

The eBook covers:

  • planning your trip,    
  • visas;
  • health examinations;
  • the English language test;   
  • what to expect from nursing in the Australian health service;
  • familiarising yourself with the health service;   
  • administering medication in Australia;
  • job grades;
  • nursing salaries;
  • successfully performing drug calculations in Australia and much more.

Try before you buy. Download the first 20 pages of the eBook, which includes the contents pages listing all the subjects covered in this 361 page, 3 part eBook.

Have you read those 20 pages? Check out the feedback from other nurses, here on the right hand of this page.

The book is packed with an extensive amount of information, tips, definitions, contact details and links to various programs and organisations that can help you with your nursing career.

Now, download the full copy and start reading it immediately.

You will be ready to start your new career with information at your fingertips, provided by an expert who has been there and done that

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Feedback from Nurses

'Your book looks great'.

'This is fantastic and much needed'.

'I would like to congratulate you on such a fantastic publication. Every single question I have ever been asked. The information is accurate and set out in a format that is easy to read'.

'Over 200 pages of essential information for nurses and midwives wishing to migrate and work!!!'

'This is fantastic and much needed. I'll let our nursing candidates know about your site and book'.

'The books are very informative and provide a fantastic resource for nurses wanting to come over and work here. We will encourage people to use them.'