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Searching for the latest news in Australia? Do you want to know what's happening there but your newspapers don't show much information?

Unless you live down under, Australian news do not appear that often in the media around the world.

So, if you are interested to see what is going on here:

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You will find here all the major news in Australia served by Google News and Bing News.

Australian News via Google

The line following the heading below shows several topics. Click on those that interest you. When you choose a different topic (shown as a link) the whole stream of news will change to respond to your selection.


Want more news? Here they are from Yahoo search engine.

News in Australia via Yahoo

In the news

Local Papers

Looking for news from local sources? Check the Australian newspapers. See which they are and search for their articles. If you are want to get even more local check the Sydney newspapers and get the information they publish.

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