Multilingual Father of 3

by Ayhan

I am a 39 years old Caucasian man married to a Korean and have been in Seoul for 8 years.

Majoring in archaeology did not help me to find any job related to it, but due to my fluency in 5 languages (English, Azeri, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Russian) and decent knowledge of dozens more (incl. German, French, Hebrew, Arabic etc.) I could always find work at companies who offered me good salary for the positions related with overseas markets. My wife is trilingual (Korean, Japanese, English) though.

We wonder if there could be any opportunity to relocate to Australia, preferably someplace safe and clean where we could raise our kids and give them decent education opportunities?


Hi Ayhan,

Congratulations for your knowledge of so many languages. This is impressive.

To be able to apply for a visa to relocate to Australia you need to nominate an occupation that is on the Skilled Occupations Lists (SOL). You can find the lists on the Department of Immigration website. Insert into you browser to get them.

Applicants who are sponsored by an Australian State or Territory can nominate an occupation from a broader list (schedule 2).

Ayhan, you mention that you have worked in positions related to overseas markets. This can mean that in addition to your qualifications in archaeology, you probably have developed other skills too. If you have, then those additional skills could provide you with more options for identifying a relevant occupation and could help you proceed.

Browse the SOLs to see if or which occupations apply to you. You will
also need to prove that you have the right qualifications (equivalent to Australian standards) for the respective profession and that you have enough work experience in that area.

From time to time the economy in one state or another needs to boost the number of people who have skills that can benefit the development of the state. They can offer to sponsor applicants who have abilities, qualifications, experience to fill positions that are in demand.

So have a look at the websites of all states and territories in Australia to see whether there are any opportunities that might fit with your skills.

You can start browsing the states websites from these links on the Department of Immigration website.

There are regional areas in Australia where there is a strong shortage of skilled people, so check this option too. Find more about it at

Many regional areas are booming, especially those associated with resources. Living in a regional area can have many benefits, for example housing costs can be lower, there is less traffic, closely knit communities, a more relaxed lifestyle.

Starting with 1 July 2012 there will be changes in the way applications for skilled immigration are made so please also review the information regarding Skills Select on the Department of immigration website.

If you find that things are too complex, ask the opinion of a specialised immigration lawyer. For example we have partnered with National Visas. Click here to take a free online assessment with them and get an instant reply whether you are eligible to proceed further or not.

Good luck.

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