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Mount Wellington dominates Tasmania's capital city from its 1271 metres summit.

the derwent river seen from mount wellington

The Derwent River - from the summit of Mount Wellington

It offers spectacular views of the greater Hobart area and the Derwent river that flows into the estuary which forms the city's harbour.

The wide expanse of the flat summit and its dolerite columns known as Organ Pipes are visible from almost anywhere in Hobart.     

They are a great tourist attraction for residents and especially for visitors.
It's like anywhere else, people who live near all the stunning attractions are always delaying to visit them. Just because they have them at their door step.
Tourist or resident, the best time to see Hobart from the top of Mount Wellington is a sunny morning for glorious views of the city bathing in the sunlight.

mt wellington tasmnia lookout

Mount Wellington Tasmania Lookout

That's not the time we went there.

We stayed for two days only in Hobart, so we made a detour to the mountain to catch some of the best views of the city, coming back from Bruny Island, in the afternoon.

Mt Wellington Tasmania - How to Get There

By car

From the centre of the city to the top of the mountain it is only a half an hour drive, for some 20 km.

From the suburb of Fern Tree, at the foot of the mount, the narrow and winding Pinnacle Road runs for about 11 km (a quarter of an hour drive) to the summit.

You can park in several spots along the road to take in the views.

There is quite a big car park at the summit, which has an interesting feature of brown yellowish boulders on one side. It adds some drama to the infrastructure that makes it easy for anyone to feel on the top of the city.

car park at mount wellington summit

Car park at the top of the mountain

There is also an observation shelter to allow for unobstructed views when the weather is cold. Or windy and you don't feel like standing on the viewing platform in the open. You'll find there a lot of information about the mountain, its geography, climate and people.

pinnacle observation point

Pinnacle lookout on the summit of Mount Wellington Tasmania

The boardwalk running from the shelter towards the edge of the mountain has several decks to capture the best views of Hobart and the Derwent estuary.

mount wellington boardwalk

From the car park you can get to the trigonometric point next to the television transmitter and take more great pictures of the surrounding area.

mount wellington trig point and tv transmitter

The trig point and television transmitter

On Foot or by Bike

You could take the Pinnacle Road, but why would you when there are so many bush walking tracks? You want the road for yourself, you don't want to be sharing it with cars.

mount wellington boulders and view of the derwent river and hobart

Unobstructed views from the top of Mount Wellington Tasmania

Now, if you are walking, make sure to have warmer clothes because the weather can change quite suddenly, and anyway, it is much colder than in Hobart. Plus it can be windy going to the top. See how the trees are bending on the slopes?

mount wellington vegetation

Whether you decide to walk or drive, as long as the weather is fine you will be rewarded with a great experience.

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