Mooncake Festival in Sydney

The Mooncake festival is a big celebration in Sydney. The festival happens in the suburb of Cabramatta, which is teeming with gourmet Asian restaurants. Moon cake is a favourite food for the occasion.

The festival of the Mooncake is almost as big a celebration as the Chinese New Year.

Chinese and Vietnamese communities around the world celebrate it at a time when they can be grateful for good crops and harvest. It is associated with autumn, the equinox and the full moon.

mooncake festival in cabramatta, sydney

September marks the beginning of the spring in Sydney Australia, but this doesn't mean that this festival dedicated to autumn in the northern hemisphere is less important.

With the city home to people from so many countries, there are various events, festivals, fairs, parades and parties throughout the year. Celebration of diversity is really big in Sydney.

The tradition for the festival of the mooncake is that families get together, light lanterns, watch the dragon dance and eat moon cakes.

Where To Get the Moon Cakes in Sydney?

mooncake festival cabramatta mural, sydney

Cabramatta, a western suburb, also known as little Asia, and famous for its rich, gourmet food is the place to go for these goodies. It has become one of the best destinations for the mouth-watering, authentic Vietnamese food.

Here is a funny mural that is testimony to the rich food culture in this suburb.

The main road, John Street, is lined with restaurants and food shops that serve pho noodle soup, crisp skin chicken, juicy king prawns, squid, tofu... And everything comes with fresh bean sprouts and slices of lemon. What a feast, a true sensory delight.

Once you have had lunch, go for the desert. The mooncakes are pastries filled with red bean paste or lotus paste and egg yolk.

mooncake festival - moon cake filled with red bean paste

Get them freshly baked at the cake shops adjoining the restaurants or buy them in boxes from stalls.

mooncake festival - moon cakes galore

Food is just a part, though an important one, of the festival.

mooncake festival - dragon

But there is so much more to it: children sing and dance, young fighters demonstrate martial arts or fire the dragon dance, there's music, parades and joy. A big day out with the family.

And if you love eating out, check other food activities in Sydney Australia. There is a lot of variety on offer for all tastes and budgets.

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