Mining Jobs in Australia - Are They Gone?

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Mining offered good employment opportunities in Australia. And no wonder: Australia is the world's leading producer of resources such as lead and alumina, and a top producer of the precious gold, silver and diamonds, iron, uranium, coal.

These jobs paid well, were a good start for a career for people who didn't mind hard work, being away from the family, living near the mining site for a while or flying in and out at various intervals.

The jobs were available across the country but mainly in Western Australia, Northern Territories and Queensland.

With high demand for metals and minerals from China, the Australian economy continued to grow and commence new infrastructure projects which made the prospects for any jobs in the mining and resources industries very good.

However things have changed. Commodity prices have seen sharp decreases as demand eased and many jobs were cut. The mining industry goes through cycles so a rising one will come, though no one knows when.

Where are the jobs?

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Most of the jobs are in Western Australia (WA), and there are still projects underway.

There are opportunities in remote areas and some companies fly in and fly out their teams to the distant mine sites, to rotate work.

So you might be working 7 days in a week and then have half or more of the next week off. Or you might be working a couple of weeks in a row and then fly back to your family and have time off.

Mining areas include Goldfields-Esperance in the south east of WA, Pilbara in the north west, Gascoyne in the mid west.

In Perth and also in Brisbane or Adelaide there are several regular and charter services that leave daily for various project sites.

Mining Jobs in Australia - What Kind of Work is There?

Workers got used to receiving big money for various positions, both skilled and unskilled.

If you don't mind hard work, shift work, or staying away from your family, then mining can be an opportunity to earn a lot of money.

If you haven't worked in mining before but want to enter the industry then search for a specialist employment agency that can work with you and provide you with information on what training to get.

For the unskilled jobs you generally do not need any qualification.

Mining jobs in Australia don't all mean hard work in the pits. There are open mines too.

There are engineering, surveying, project management roles. And there are jobs that serve the industry such as driving, catering, hospitality, nursing, health care, accounting or IT.

The large majority of employees in this industry are men. But there are a few women as well and some have taken on hard responsibilities such as haul truck drivers or other work that is traditionally performed by men.

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