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by Kelly

Hi, I am a European student following a degree in B'Ed Physical Education. Basically I am in my final year of studies and after I graduate me and my boyfriend would love to experience living in Australia, however, our fear is that if we get to live there for a year and would want to stay there, we might not be given another visa to be able to keep living in Australia.

It's like we'd love to experience it but do not want to feel disappointed if we get used to the beauty of Australia and are forced to leave. Can you help please? Is there a way that with jobs or continuation of studies in Australia we could both continue living there if we decide to?


Thank you for your question. It is good that you want to travel around and experience new things. Rather than fearing that you would like the life here too much and not get a chance to stay longer just come and see whether you like it at all. It is always a personal experience: some people can't have enough of it and others miss their homes and want to go back.

Both of you will be probably applying for a working holiday visa that would allow you to stay for up to one year. If you find a suitable job then you could work for 6 months. You could then look for another job and work for whatever time is left on your one year visa. You could also study but not more than 4 months. Here is basic some info about this visa.

This is what you are allowed to do. However if you really want to enjoy the country, better have enough money to either support yourself for the whole period or alternate work with travel. Australia is a huge country and there's a lot to see around it if your budget allows you to.

If you want to extend your stay with another year you can apply for a second working holiday visa. Before you do this you must ensure that, during your first working holiday stay you spent 3 months living and working in regional Australia. The type of work you need to do to apply is very specific, such as: feeding animals on a farm, picking fruit, working in mining or construction, fishing. Check out the information at to see which work is eligible and which is not for submitting a second application.

One or two years will give you plenty of time to meet other people like you, share views and make up your mind if you want to live here or not. If you do then find an immigration agent and get some advice on how to apply for permanent residency.

Good luck in getting what’s best for you.

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