Our Life in Australia, Why Do We Love it Here?

And why did we make a website about life in Australia?

Hi, we're Angela and Alex and we have been enjoying our life in Australia for a while. What an amazing experience.

How did we decide to come here? Was it the lifestyle we heard about, the beauty of the landscape, the holiday feel, the nice people?

Not sure, probably all of them, the lifestyle, the weather...and we wanted to slow down a bit.

Did we slow down? No.

There were too many opportunities when we came. The economy was going at full speed, plenty of jobs around, plenty of new things to learn and adapt to.

Life in Australia - the Suburbs

So if we didn't slow down, do we still enjoy life in Australia?

life in australia home grown tomatoes

Yes, we have that holiday feel that a home in the suburbs, with a nice back yard, far from the city madness offers you.

We come back home in the afternoon and are away from the polluted air that wraps any big city in this world.

We're breathing fresh oxygen.

And it comes with more.

  • In spring it's the fragrant smell of the blooming jasmine.
  • In summer it's the twitter of the Australian birds (so different from how we thought birds can chirp). And the celebration of Christmas and New Year with fresh prawns on the menu and a swim in the ocean. How unusual!
  • In autumn it's the rich colours of the thriving garden.
  • In winter it's the wonder of the evergreen leaves.

life in australia view in the blue mountains Blue Mountains

Weekends are for the beach or a trip to the Blue Mountains, or a barbeque with friends in the park.

Sydney is really a great place to live, raise a family and enjoy every day.

Our two teenage children missed their friends at first. They missed the habit of being able to go anywhere on their own or ring a buddy and have them around in a couple of minutes.

They made friends soon but here their friends live 10 or 20 km away so we had to drive them everywhere. And to take them to sporting games or swimming on weekends.

Life in Australia - a Life Changing Experience

To sum up, for us it was a life changing experience. We came with an open mind and instantly fell in love with Australia and its lifestyle.

life in australia australian beach 4

Yes, it was difficult to start from scratch, it was scary to know that you can run out of money if you don't find a job soon but we focused on the positives, got the jobs, bought a house, made friends. And we visited places we have never even dreamed of.

Yes, we are far from the rest of the world but...have you ever imagined yourself walking on a warm tropical beach, lying on the white sand in the shade of coconut trees that bend on the water and looking away at puffy clouds on the horizon where sky meets ocean?

life in australia surfers paradise

We haven't, but this is what we do when we holiday in Queensland (well...not always under the coconut trees)

life in australia pacific beach

or further away to other tropical islands in the Pacific, like this one,

life in australia Pacific beach 3

or this one.

We actually holiday every weekend in Sydney, not always at the beach but we do relax and recharge our batteries, even when we only have a barbecue in our back yard.

Starting a New Life in Australia

Australia is so remote from the rest of the world, that many people think twice before considering it a holiday destination. Moving there and starting a new life? Even more difficult.

For some it's just the distance, for others it's not getting the right information. Or not knowing where to look for it.

Or getting information but wanting more, wanting details from someone who has been there and done that...some examples and stories of how other people settled in and started their new life.

Something that should give them confidence to take the right decision, whether that decision means stay or go. Not easy...

We went through this painful decision making process. We asked a lot of questions. We were lucky to have some friends who could answer those questions. But not everyone does.

This is why we have decided to write about it and share our journey.

Read on to see how we did this website.

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