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If you are doing a job search Australia wide, here are tips on how to look for your first role, how to deal with various barriers and how to tap into the hidden jobs market.

This section can help answer some questions about:

  • Where and how to look for work,          
  •  What are the barriers to get the first job, if you have just arrived in this country?   
  • Which industries are growing ?        
  • Which occupations are more sought after?

Click on the headlines or images below to get more information and some tips to help kick start your search.

Australian Job Search

Getting your first job
can be difficult when
you don't know too much
about the local work
environment. Here are
some tips that can help
you understand
when, where and how
to look for a job.
Professional Resume

There are CV writing
services that can
help tailor your resume to
the local market.
Here's how you can get
the hiring manager to
read on.
And a book that offers
tips about resume writing.
How to Write

Gavin Redelman, founder
of RedStarResume
provides 10 resume hints
to help you land the job
you are after. He talks
about career objectives
common mistakes in
resumes, and how to
address gaps in work.

Job Search Australia - Health Job

Nursing in Australia

Do you want to learn
from the experience of
an overseas trained nurse
who has worked in
Here's an interview with
Emma Bates, a nurse and
writer, who has published
a step by step guide to
working and living
as a nurse Down Under.
Health Care in Australia

Part 2 of the interview
with Emma deals with
working in the Australian
health system. She has
gathered in her book all
the information you need
to start your nursing
career in this country.
Download Emma's book
about working and
living as a nurse.
Nursing Jobs

Health care jobs are on
the rise. With an older
population, more people
will need quality health
Do you have an
international nursing
qualification? Get it
assessed and obtain your
licence before starting
to look for a job.

Job Search Australia - More about Employment

Employment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are
an excellent resource to
help you find a job.
There are general
recruiters and specialised
agencies for specific
occupations or industries.
Here is a quick list.
Australia Job

Do you lack local
experience? If you
have just relocated to
this country, I bet you do.
This is often a barrier in
getting your first job.
Here's one creative
way to deal with it.
Employment in

Click the headline above
to read about some
barriers in getting
the first job. Then
get prepared, take action,
browse, apply to positions
suitable for you and you're
very likely to find one.

Australian Jobs

A large number of
positions are advertised
online or in newspapers.
But not all vacant jobs
are published.
There is a hidden
job market, which
is quite big.
Working in Australia

What is your experience
about job search
in Australia?
How long did it take you
to find your first job?
Share your thoughts or
ask a question.
Join the conversation.
Australia Employment

The employment market
has slowed during
recession but it looks good
now. There are
differences in growth
by industry
and state. See here
which and where.

Mining Jobs in Australia

Australia is rich in
resources. The sector
boomed with demand in
emerging markets, but
it is now slower.
Jobs were paying
very well and some
opportunities remain.
Employment Australia

To help you with your job
search, you should get to
know more about the job
market in this country
and some industries that
showed growth.
Others did not.
Some slowed down.

Job Search Australia - Cities

Jobs in Sydney

More of the employment
opportunities tend to be
concentrated in the City
and around some large
business parks. They have
industrial areas or storage
and logistics facilities.
See here where they are.
Sydney Jobs

Financial services,
IT, industries associated
with innovation,
and construction?
Click the headline to see
which are the growth
industries that are
employing more people.
Canberra Jobs

What sort of jobs should
people expect in the
capital of Australia?
What kind of work is
available there?
What are the
demographics of the
local work force?

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