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If you are thinking about holidaying "Down Under" or visiting the exotic islands in the South Pacific or Asia, think Jetstar Airlines.

You can get a cheap flight in Australia to visit its beautiful attractions.

There are affordable flights to Asia and Pacific destinations.

You just need to check their website often for promotions.

Jetstar operating in Australia and New Zealand is owned by Qantas.

They partner with other carriers in Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong to be able to provide affordable travel across Asia.

Jetstar Australia

jetstar and qantas plane

If you are after a domestic flight in Australia, Jetstar flies to the state capital cities in this country: 

  • Sydney, 
  • Melbourne,   
  • Brisbane, 
  • Adelaide, 
  • Perth, 
  • Hobart, 
  • Darwin.

They will also take you to leisure destinations, mainly in Queensland, such as Hamilton Island, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Whitsunday Coast and many other beautiful spots on the Australian eastern seaboard.

But there's more for you to see and do when you book with the Jetstar airline. You can plan cheap holidays in the Pacific (Fiji, Hawai), New Zealand or go to tropical Bali in Asia.

If you are like me and want to just enjoy your holiday rather than worry about organising it too, Jetstar can help plan it for you. 

You can buy a whole package: flights, hotel accommodation, car rental, insurance and tours at a click of a button. You'll also get some advice of what to do where you go.

To get the most of their fares, travel light, just with your cabin luggage. This is the cheapest option with this airline. There are restrictions and no refunds if you change your mind, though. And if you decide that you need more stuff than you planned you may pay an additional fee. 

But if your goal is to relax and recharge your batteries by the beach, why would you need to bring more stuff with you anyway?

If you want to travel in style, with more leg room, book a business class ticket.  And as a Qantas frequent flyer you will earn points with this class fare.

You are booking all on the internet and getting e-tickets. Gone are the days when you had to worry about carrying papers with you.

Go one step further, and check in online, to avoid waiting at the counters.

jetstar plane flying

Jetstar Airlines in Asia

Jetstar has several joint ventures with other Asian carriers. They fly from Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Tokio to various other destinations in Asia.

All the interesting places to visit or holiday are just a click away.

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