Is it possible to find a job for me?

by Alex

Hi, I am 36 years old and acquired a master degree of computer science from Peking University, and I have been working in the same company since then.

My work is in the system design and algorithm implementation of financial technology. The company is a state-run company. Does it pose a negative impact on job-hunting in Australia?

And the band of IELTS is just 6. I know it is not good enough, but I think it would be improved greatly if I was put into the proper circumstance.

Can you tell me it is possible for me to find a suitable job in Australia?



Alex, thanks for your question.

You probably know that to be able to work in Australia you need to have a visa that allows you to do that.

You mention about the IELTS band so I am assuming you have your visa or are waiting for a decision.

In case you have already obtained your visa that gives you a right to work in this country, start searching for relevant roles that are published online on websites such as,,

Work on your English skills so that you can present yourself as a confident person, able to understand and speak fluently.

Brush up your resume and interview skills and understand what employers are looking for in a candidate.

For more information check out the job search tips on this website.

As soon as you arrive in Australia, start building your network. You could for example enrol in more courses such as a toastmasters course, which will help you build confidence and ability to speak in public, attend career fairs, find some volunteer work.

Contact employment agencies and learn from them what steps you should take to improve your chances to get a job.

Good luck with your search.

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