Immigration to Australia, What are the Costs?

> >Costs for immigration to Australia

Immigration to Australia comes with fees. The obvious one is the cost of the visa you apply for.

You will run into more fees when you start collecting all your documents to build your application file.

Research all the available visa information for travelling and settling Down Under and see which one suits your needs.

Then check its cost. You will get all the details on the Department of Immigration website.

The cost of the visa is just the tip of the iceberg.

Consider the additional costs and charges related to preparing your application, collecting your documents, getting them photocopied and certified, then translated into English.

When we prepared our application we organised additional copies, just in case. We paid a little bit more but they were really useful later in the process. It was quite difficult to have a complete picture of all the paperwork needed, when we started our journey.

Make sure you only supply certified copies. Avoid sending the originals. There's no rule without exceptions - for example the police check documents are an exception.

Immigration to Australia, Plan Your Journey

Make a plan to stay focused:

  • Read all the requirements for the visa for Australia you are after.
  • Make a list with the documents you need to provide.  
  • Make a note of where you can get them, in case you don't have them already. 
  • Check if and how much you need to pay for getting them.

This should give you a good indication and keep you focused on the process.

When you need to get your skills assessed you will have to pay a fee. This varies from one organisation to the other. Contact the organisation assessing your occupation. To find more information about this check the Skilled Occupation Lists on the Department of Immigration website.

Sitting your English test comes with a fee. If you feel you need to prepare more for the test, which you should as preparation helps with the final results, there are additional costs related to studying or buying study materials.

If your application progresses well, you may receive a notice asking to get a health examination. So include the invoice for the examination on your list of costs.

Take into account any transport costs involved if you have to travel to the accredited medical practice.

Another document to obtain, upon request, is a police check report. This may also incur costs.

As the main applicant, you pay the fee when lodging your application for immigration to Australia. This fee should cover all the other members of the family as long as they are included in the initial application.

But if your application includes anyone over 18 who does not have functional English skills, you will have to pay another charge. This fee will allow them to study English after arrival in Australia. Better ask them to start brushing up their English knowledge well before you apply.

So be prepared. Make sure to read and understand the application process and all its costs to avoid any surprises with your immigration to Australia.

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