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An Interview with Peter Lavelle - Part 3

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Thinking about how to transfer money when relocating overseas? Exchange rates can erode your savings. See why and how to get help and make the most of your money.

We continue our interview with economics writer Peter Lavelle to know more about how you can get the best exchange rates when you send money to Australia.

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Peter, tell us more about Pure FX and how it can help our readers?

Sure thing! Pure FX is a foreign exchange broker, meaning it specialises in helping you transfer funds abroad while getting the best exchange rates.

For instance, let's imagine you're emigrating to Australia, or thinking about it (since you're browsing Start a new life I'm guessing that's a sure bet...). Before bidding Britain farewell and catching that flight to Brisbane, or even while purchasing that second home, it's critical to get the best possible deal on changing your savings (in pounds) into Australian dollars. This is what Pure FX can help with.

Peter, can you tell us about the exchange rates and how these affect people?


I think most people know that, when changing sterling into euros or Australian dollars, the amount they'll get isn't fixed. This is because currencies like the British pound and euro floated on the international financial markets, meaning their values are fluctuating against each other on a constant basis, depending on economic and political data coming from their home nations.

For instance, let's imagine that Britain posts 8.0% growth in the next quarter (it's not going to happen in a million years, but let's imagine.) If it did, sterling would rocket against its rivals on the financial markets, meaning it'd be possible to pick up lots more euros or Australian dollars per pound.

How come this affects people? Because if you're assessing how to transfer money, the exchange rate has a massive impact on how much you'll get changing currencies!

So when should people come to Pure FX?

Simple! If you're about to emigrate to somewhere that doesn't use sterling, or purchase a second home abroad, or spend a year at a foreign university, and need to move a large sum. Pure FX is more than equipped to help people emigrating to Australia change currencies.

What services can Pure FX offer to visitors of this website who want to send money to Australia?

The number one service we offer is to provide a safe method for you to transfer funds at the best exchange rate. In addition though, it's worth mentioning that Pure FX prides itself on the service it provides, and most of our new business comes from recommendation from existing clients.

For instance, let's imagine you're planning to transfer a large sum into Australian dollars, but don't want to do it until the exchange rate reaches 1.60. Pure FX can keep watch on the exchange rate for you, and let you know the moment that rate becomes available. This takes a load off your mind, and means you can benefit from specialist guidance.

When considering how to transfer money, one question is how safe is the money with the exchange specialist.

This is one of the biggest concerns for people transferring large sums. To make certain your funds are 100% safe as (Australian) houses when you transfer with us, we're directly authorised with Britain's Financial Services Authority. This is the UK government's financial watchdog, and companies that are authorised through it must adhere to a strict list of regulations to protect client funds. It means, regardless of what happens to Pure FX, that your funds are absolutely safe with us when you transfer.

Peter, thanks for talking to us and sharing your thoughts about fund transfers. We look forward to reading more of your posts on Australian dollar exchange rates.

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