Hesitation to Apply for PR

by Vivian

Thanks for all the information in your website. We are hesitating or do not know if we should start our application for permanent residency (PR) for Australia.

We have so many worries - once we get the PR for Australia how we should go about for our next step.

Would appreciate if you could give me your advice on the following:-

1. We have 2 kids, if PR is approved to migrate to Australia, is it better if one of us goes to Australia and settles down everything (rents a house, looks for school for kids) and only then the rest of our family goes?

2. We are 35 now, at the time we can go to Australia we could reach end of 36, is it easy for us to get jobs in Australia, Canberra or Perth? As we are in Skilled Sponsor Migration (176), nominated occupation is only available in Western Australia or Canberra.

3. Is it easy to start all over in a new country? How can we overcome our fear on this? We are hesitating to apply as our concern is our kids. We are afraid we can't get jobs in Australia. Is this possible? Or are we sure to get jobs if we do not mind what jobs we do ?

4. How much we need for one month living expenses in Australia, say for a common family with 2 adults and 2 kids?

Appreciate your reply, thanks!


Hi Vivian, thanks for your interesting questions.

I will start with the third one:

Is it easy to start all over in a new country?

It is not, but no beginning is easy.

Every person is different so you are the only one who can reply to that question. Take a deep look into your heart. What do you see there? Do you see yourself in Australia? If yes, it means you are prepared to take the steps. Do it.

If no, it means fear is more powerful and you're happy in your comfort zone. Don't rush into a decision just because others have done it. Do whatever you are comfortable with. Your kids should adjust well in a new country, they are young and changes will be easy for them. So you have to think about you, the parents. Do it only if you feel comfortable starting all over again.

Moving away from your home country has a number of disadvantages, which I covered in this post. Once you settle down and things are coming together for you, the benefits should outweigh the disadvantages. At least they have for us.

I compare moving to a new country to investing your money. It is a gamble.

  • Pick the safe option - keep the money in a bank and you won't be any richer. You shouldn't lose it either. Though some banks
    went bust. And some solid names to that. Recent recession events are a testimony to this.

  • Pick a few great shares and watch the stellar results. Though a small rumour in the market may wipe out not only the results but your entire wealth.

The higher the risks, the higher the rewards. And losses. This is similar to moving away from your home country. It is very risky but if all goes well, you'll be pleased with the outcome. So, to use an investment cliche, take a good look at you risk profile and act accordingly.

Going together or just one

Again it is about the fear factor and how big it is. If your level of comfort is low then having just one of you go to see how things turn may be a good solution. Decide who is the best positioned to find work quicker and act.

Finding work

Finding a job depends on a lot of things. We have a whole section of tips that can help you with various ways to search for jobs, how to prepare, what are the barriers and how to avoid them.

In a nutshell if you decide to come to Australia and get your PR, then start networking from day one. Go to short courses, there are a lot of community colleges that run various courses, join them, make friends, talk to your neighbours, join an association, volunteer and you will find something if you are persistent and have clear goals in mind.

Your age is the right age at which you can find a job, it is the age where you are supposed to have accumulated experience and to know what is expected from you.

Canberra and Western Australia are places where the job market is usually good. The main industries in the capital of the country are public administration, retail, health, education, hospitality.

Western Australia is the state of the booming mining industry, with a growing population and with many people attracted by well paying jobs in mining and construction.

Have you thought about regional Australia, which is almost anywhere away from the capital cities? It is there where employers are looking for skilled people and cannot find enough. These are the areas of growth in Australia. Plus cost of life in regional areas is cheaper than in the capital cities.

Run a search on seek.com.au and mycareer.com.au and see what comes up in your area of expertise.

Costs of living

Here's a reply to a similar question asked by another reader who wanted to know more about what a move to Australia involves, including basic costs to start a living. The average weekly food bill for a family of four would be around $200 - $250. It can be more or less depending on your eating habits.

I hope that helps you.

All the best

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