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There is a large number of airlines that offer flights to Sydney Australia, but not all fly the whole distance.

Of course Australian airlines do: Qantas, from selected cities in all continents around the world, and JetStar Airlines from Asia, US and South Pacific.

But most airlines partner with other carriers that operate in the Asia Pacific region.

This means you fly the first leg of your trip with one airline and then get a flight connection with a different airline.

If you fly from Europe, British Airways (BA) is the European airline that goes all the way through.

You board in London and get off in Sydney with the mandatory stopover in an Asian airport. You will return to the same plane after it has refuelled, usually rather quickly.

If you book with BA, you will pay the airfare to them, but the flights may be operated by them, by Qantas, or by other BA partners.

BA direct flights to Sydney Australia had stops in Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong, but since March 2012 they have been operating only the Singapore route all the way through to Australia. So if you are coming from London via the other cities you should catch a connecting flight with Qantas or an airline from Asia.

The other European airlines fly only to Asia. They partner with Qantas or a carrier in Asia that will take you further.

View from a flight into Sydney

So which Asian Airlines Offer Fligths to Sydney Australia?

Here are some, with their websites. Check them out:

  • Singapore -
  • Malaysia -
  • Cathay Pacific, in Hong Kong -
  • Thai Airways, in Bangkok -
  • Asiana, in Seoul -

When you start your air travel to Australia you should get your boarding passes for all the legs of the trip at your departure check-in.

And in case there is some glitch and you get only your first pass, you will get the second one at the transit desk of the airport where you take your connecting flight.

With the airlines in Asia having the reputation to be very customer focused, everything should go smoothly and quickly at the transit desk. Though, if the stopover is short, you need to be quick to locate transfer desks, line in the queue (and get the right one) and then locate the gate (or terminal and gate) for your second flight.

Other customer oriented airlines flying all the way to Sydney are the Emirates and Etihad. Etihad are offering flights to Sydney from various airports in Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Beirut, Cairo), Europe (such as London, Dublin, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich), US (Chicago).

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