The Flag of Australia - Symbol of the Nation

The flag of Australia represents our nation. Its history is as long as that of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Australian flag was created soon after the colonies federated to form a new nation. It shows the settlers' heritage, the geographic location and the identity of the new country.

In 1901, more than 30000 designs entered into a public competition to create an Australia flag. The contest was announced as soon as the colonies federated to form the Commonwealth of Australia. Five people came up with very similar designs and they shared the wining place.

The flag of Australia was raised for the first time on the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne on 3 September 1901.

Elements of the Australian Flag

Flag of Australia

The flag has several elements that symbolise the countr's legacy and geography.

  • The Union Jack in the top left stands for the country's historical links with Great Britain.
  • The constellation of the Southern Cross, formed by the five stars on the right side of the flag, is only visible from the southern hemisphere. It can be seen from anywhere in this country.

    The Southern Cross is the constellation that has guided the navigators of the early days. It indicates the country's geographic location and reminds of the long voyages to reach the continent.
  • Below the Union Jack is the seven pointed Commonwealth Star, or Star of the Federation. It stands for the six states and the combined territories of this country.

The flag can be flown every day of the year. It flies over the federal and state parliaments. And people sometimes install flagpoles in their front yards to fly the national flag.

The Australian flag has a special place in the hearts of the people present at the official ceremonies that mark national occasions such as Australia Day (26 January) or Anzac Day (25 April), which are Australian public holidays.

Each of the states and territories of this country has its own flag.

Flag of Australia on sydney harbour bridge Flags on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Australian Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Islander flag are also part of the official Australian flags.

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