Famous Australians - Celebrities,

Artists, Scientists, Athletes

There are many famous Australians who have become known around the world for their achievements.

They are people we are proud of: scientists, sports-persons and Olympians, celebrities, singers, actors, entertainers.

So, why is there a section about stars, glamour models and celebrities in a site dedicated to providing hints about how to start a new life in Australia?

Well, because the more you know about the country you want to live in, or just visit, the easier it is to form an opinion about it.

And finding out about people, how they go about their lives and how some of them make it really big can be an interesting pastime.

Click on the headlines below to read more about these famous people from Australia and see some photos.

Australian Scientists

Read about the famous Australians who won a Noble prize. Eleven of the twelve winners are scientists. And seven of the eleven scientists won the prestigious Noble awards for medicine or physiology.

See who they are.

Olympic Australian Success

Two big names stand out in the sports of this country: Cathy Freeman and Ian Thorpe. They are just two of the many other famous Australians whose number of medals made Australia rank high in the Olympic Games:

  • 4th in Sydney (2000),
  • 4th in Athens (2004),
  • and 6th in Beijing (2008).

Famous Australian People

Steve Irwin and Paul Hogan embody the spirit from down under: courage, passion, a good laugh, optimism and love for the unique environment of this country.

Famous Australian Women

Melba and Joan Sutherland were two divas. Their powerful voices charmed opera lovers everywhere in the world. They sang at prominent opera houses such as Covent Garden, in London or Metropolitan, in New York.

Australian Actresses

Inspirational actresses that made a career in Hollywood are Oscar winners Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman. See their main movies and awards and also their photos here.

Famous Australian Artists

Emmy and Golden Globe awards winner, Toni Collette is an actress and singer.

Natalie Imbruglia's career includes writing and performing music, modeling and TV shows.

Australian Actors

Two more names who became well known in Hollywood are Hugh Jackman and Eric Bana. See here why Australian actors become great international stars.

Famous Australian Artist

The late Heath Ledger had a very short but great acting career. He received a posthumous Oscar for his role in the "Dark Knight".

Famous People from Australia

Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson, one born in New Zealand and the other in the US made their studies and started their acting careers "down under".

Famous Australian Singers

Who hasn't heard about pop princess Kylie Minogue? Her shows are spectacular and her audiences are huge. Here's why.

Keith Urban is a guitarist and popular country music singer. And he is Nicole Kidman's husband.

Australian Singers

Other famous Australians are singers Delta Goodrem, and Gabriella Cilmi. They all started their careers as teenagers and are known internationally.

Australian Celebrities

Two beauties, top model and business woman Elle Macpherson and Jennifer Hawkins, the 2004 Miss Universe are some of the most powerful names in the fashion business. Click to see how beautiful they are and how their careers unfolded.

Australian Glamour Models

But Elle and Jennifer are not the only ones on the catwalk. The names of Megan Gale, Miranda Kerr and Lara Bingle are strong sellers for brands in the beauty and fashion industries.

Jessica Watson

A 16 year old Aussie girl sailed around the world all by herself. A truly inspiring person.

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