Famous Australian People

Famous Australian people, Steve Irwin and Paul Hogan have been known for promoting their country.

They put forward those special features that are specific to individuals living in remote or harsh areas. These traits include quirkiness, humour, courage, excitement, vibrancy.

Both Steve and Paul are Australian celebrities. One was a conservationist and dedicated his life to supporting the environment through his business, media, performances and the Wildlife Warriors Foundation and other similar projects.

The other is an actor who starred in the most successful Australian film, "Crocodile Dundee", a hit at the box office around the world.

Famous Australian People - Steve Irwin

The Australian larrikin, ecologist and television celebrity, Steve Irwin was a larger than life personality. His mission was to protect and save animals, especially the endangered species. He was committed to educate the public about wildlife and about the conservation of the natural world.

His interest in animals came from his parents who were running a small reptile park in Queensland. He learned to feed, love, handle and also defend himself against dangerous animals at a very young age.

Later on when he took over the management of the family business he turned it to one of the major tourist attractions in Australia. And Steve Irwin's natural abilities as a showman made Australia Zoo famous internationally.

Together with Terri, his wife, Steve presented the "Crocodile Hunter" television documentary about dangerous reptiles. The show started in Australia in 1996, then captured audiences in the US and UK.

Building on this work, Steve Irwin continued with a new show about the "Ten Deadliest Snakes in the World".

He became a legend around the world for his stunts, passion, enthusiasm and agility to handle the lethal animals and to demonstrate to the public the importance of preserving their habitats.

As an advocate of wildlife protection, he endorsed Australia's stringent customs requirements in media campaigns. His message focused on quarantine being essential to support the country's unique environment.

Steve Irwin died in 2006, pierced in the heart by a stingray, while snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef.

Terri continues his work at the Australia Zoo together with their daughter Bindi, who hosted her own television show when she was only 9, in 2007.

Passion for wildlife just runs in the family.

Australian Celebrities - Paul Hogan

famous australian people - Paul Hogan Photo courtesy of robinmcnicoll

One of the other famous Australian people, Paul Hogan brought to the screen the prototype of the daring and convivial bloke from the outback, ready to fight a crocodile or a band of villains and happy to enjoy every moment of his adventures.

The actor had his own comedy program, The Paul Hogan Show, between 1973 and 1984. He also did a lot of advertisments.

His ads that promoted tourism in Australia, targeting the American markets with the "throw another shrimp on the barbie" tagline are still remembered today. Any new tourism campaign is compared to these oldies.

He became the Australian of the Year in 1985.

The following year he starred in "Crocodile Dundee", which was a hit worldwide. Hogan received a Golden Globe for this role and made two more movies with the same theme in 1988 and 2001.

His latest movie, "Charlie and Boots" was released in Australia in 2009.

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