Facts about Sydney Australia

Here are some facts about Sydney Australia: what houses the residents have and what the trends are in the population movements.

Unlike in many other cities of the world, where population lives in high density buildings, close to central areas of business, Sydney-siders benefit from generous space.

And they have taken control of it and pushed its boundaries extensively.

Like in all the other Australian cities, the population of this largest city in the country generally lives in houses which have their own 600 square metre back yards.

But things are changing.

The traditional lot used to be around a quarter acre or 1000 square metres, then went down to 800 square metres, and now even less.

The closer to the city, the smaller the block of land. The average house lot in the inner suburbs is more around 250 square metres, sometimes even less. And if you walk around the streets you will see more duplexes, terraces and town houses and fewer detached homes.

More and more people don't want to bother mowing the lawn and maintaining a back yard. Increasingly they prefer to live in smaller units but closer to amenities, crowds and entertainment.

northern beaches suburbs Manly

Which means the number of the three-four storey apartment blocks close to the city or beach is continuously growing. Plus high rise blocks right in the heart of the city or suburbs such as North Sydney and Chatswood.

The higher density trend is now extending to the outer suburbs, which are the spots with the largest growth of population.

New homes in these areas are built on smaller lots. There are more units and medium rise apartment blocks, which are slowly replacing the traditional family home with a back yard and a pool.

Sydney Facts - Population Movement

People move in and out of Sydney every year, but the number of newcomers usually exceeds that of people who leave.

The city loses some of its population every year to the more affordable coastal locations in New South Wales or Queensland, as more people are looking for a relaxed beach lifestyle, away from the city.

Sydney has its own excellent beaches but buying a house there comes with a hefty price tag.

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At the same time the population increases through interstate and international migration, as the city is the top choice location for new arrivals in Australia.

It is the most culturally diverse city in this country and probably the world's top multicultural city.

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