Facts About Australia

Facts about Australia covers information regarding some of the questions people ask about our remote continent.

We are an isolated region which means that the geography, history, animals and plants of this country have taken a shape of their own. Their evolution was different and that has made Australia a special and amazing place in the world.

The isolation also means that facts about Australia or news about it do not come up too often in the media. Or when they do, it is about something unusual.

This is why we have compiled some handy and interesting information about the land down under.

Browse the following pages and learn about this country's diversity and uniqueness. Or discover some of the more unusual or fun facts about Australia here.

Explore destinations and discover their attractions, such as for example Byron Bay and its many festivals.

australian beaches 4 Byron Bay New South Wales is a great destination to visit

Australian Facts - The Environment

Facts About Australia - The Animals

red tail kangaroo

  • Did you know that our native animals are unique: monotreme mammals, which are living fossils and marsupials.
    A large number don't live anywhere else in the world. Like the kangaroo on the right.

  • And did you know that foxes can fly? Well they are not exactly foxes, they are bats, but we call them flying foxes.

  • And while "foxes" fly there are birds that don't. Like the emu or cassowary. You can also get some facts here about the laughing kookaburra bird and the Australian dingo.

  • You can see the dingo and many more animals in the open range Western Plains Taronga zoo. It is in Dubbo, 400 km from Sydney. Here is how to get to Dubbo zoo.

Australian Facts - History and Population

captain cook - hyde park sydney Captain Cook's monument in Hyde Park, Sydney

  • Did you know that Australia has a long history of continuous human presence, but it was only in 1770 that James Cook discovered it?

  • Here is more about its history in the 20th century.

  • Do you know how big our population is and where they live? And that the population has tripled in the last 60 years? How about the fact that 25% were born overseas and have come from about 200 countries?

  • And that Australia population is predicted to add another 13 million by 2050?

  • Do you know that Australian Aboriginals had a strong social and cultural organisation long before white settlement?

  • How about the flag of Australia? What is it like and when was it first flown?

If you are in a rush and want the big picture and some quick statistics, read the interesting facts section.

The Australian outback is a great destination off the beaten track. Not many tourists dare to include it in their travel plans. To see it through the eyes of a person who did just that and then created a website about it, visit Rita's Australian Outback Guide.

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