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Finding employment in Australia is one of the main worries of many new comers to this country.

It is one important issue to think about, before you make the decision to apply for your work visa.

A strong Australian economy helps with finding jobs. And the economy has been running at full speed for years. Also the downturn was milder than anywhere else.

There has been some slow down lately with less growth in China and lower demand for resources. But the economy is still doing ok.

Be prepared, take action, browse and apply to positions suitable for you and you will find one.

The results of a survey by the Australian Bureau of Statics released quite a while ago, in 2008 showed that about 70% of the new migrants were working within 6 months of arrival. Migrants from an English speaking country found jobs more easily.

Employment in Australia - Main Obstacles When Starting Out

The main barriers in getting the first job are:

barriers to employment
  • lack of local work experience;
  • language skills; 
  • lack of local contacts; 
  • using a standard resume, not tailored to the Australian market. 

The lack of a resume written professionally for local employers is the easiest obstacle to overcome.

There are experts who can help. Contact one and get your resume written professionally.

There are books written by these experts. Click on the images on your right and check their details at Amazon.

Other solutions for reducing these barriers are volunteering, enrolling into courses, attending career fairs, building your network. See here some tips to help find Australian jobs.

Don't take things for granted. Conditions can vary a lot depending on the type of job, company, industry, location and of course the skills and experience of the applicants.

Everyone has their own circumstances. Often it's just being at the right time, in the right place, with the right experience that makes your job search a success.

But don't leave things to the chance. You have already had your skills assessed when you applied for your skilled Australian immigration visa.

And by now you are probably aware of the fact that in some roles you must be able to be registered or licensed. One example is if you are looking for nursing jobs. But there are many others that need licensing, so check.

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