Employment Agencies Australia Wide - How Can They Help You?

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Recruiting companies and employment agencies are an excellent resource to help you find a job.

There are several types of recruiters in Australia. The large majority offer a broad range of jobs across industries.

There are also many agencies that specialise in certain occupations or industries.

Their consultants should be also able to provide you with information about various companies and details about other jobs available.

A large number of consultants have hands-on experience of the industries for which they recruit. They can answer your specific questions.

When they secure an interview for you they will provide with tips to help you do well. After all, if you are successful, they are successful.

Agencies provide permanent, temporary, contract or casual positions. For non permanent jobs, it is usually the employment agencies that will pay you, and not the employer for which they recruit you.

Don't expect career advice from a recruitment agency. Remember that agencies are paid by the employer to find staff, so they are representing their interests not yours.

resume, cv

Make sure that your resume responds to all the requirements of the job you apply for, so that it stands out form the pile of resumes recruiters receive.

If you need to brush up your resume to make it more appealing to potential employers, find a career counsellor or a coach and pay for their services.

Employment Agencies Australia - Across Industries

Here are some agencies that can help you with your Australian job search in a very large number of industries:

  • Julia Ross - website www.juliaross.com.au
  • Hays - website www.hays.com
  • Manpower - website manpower.com.au 
  • Michael Page - website www.michaelpage.com.au
  • Hudson - website http://au.hudson.com 
  • Talent2 - website www.talent2.com

Employment Agencies Australia - Specialised Recruiters

Technical roles:

  • Australia Wide Personnel - website - www.australiawide.com.au 
  • Clexan-Peak Personnel - website - www.clexanpeak.com.au - check their website as they have interesting case studies and responses to questions posed by candidates and provide some career advice.
  • TAD - website - www.tad.com.au

Accounting and financial roles:

  • Accountancy Aid Australia -  website -  www.aaagroup.com.au   
  • Robert Half -  website -  www.roberthalf.com.au    
  •  Jonathan Wren -  website -  jwren.com.au

IT and communications technology:

  • Candle -  website -  www.candlerecruit.com     
  • Icon -  website -  iconrec.com.au

Mining, energy, resources:

  • Cadden Crowe -  website -  www.caddencrowe.com.au    
  • Mining People -  website www.miningpeople.com.au

This tiny list is just to get you started. There are many other employment agencies, so start searching the internet for jobs.

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