Emigrating to Australia

by Christina

My name is Christina and I am from Egypt. I'm a pharmacist. I graduated from the faculty of pharmacy Ain Shams University 2010.

I'm 23 years old. I'm working right now in a pharmacy as a retail pharmacist. I've been working in this pharmacy since I graduated in June 2010.

I entered the IELTS exam, the academic one, and I got 6.5 as an overall mark. My brother is living in Australia. He is a permanent resident. He is living in Sydney. He works as a pharmacist.

I'm looking forward for travelling to Australia to stay with a permanent visa and by checking the new rules for the test points, I realised that I can just get 55 marks from the 65 marks as follows:

  • Age - 25

  • English - 10. I think I could get the score of 7 if I entered the general IELTS, but to work as a pharmacist I have to enter the academic one which is difficult to reach this score. So one of my questions is if I have a chance to get a visa with this 6.5 score in academic IELTS and what are the opportunities this visa gives to me if I travelled on it?

  • Bachelor of pharmacy - 15

  • State nomination - 5. If I'm travelling on skilled sponsored visa, but I can get the 10 points of sponsorship from my brother if I travelled on skilled regional sponsored visa which is a provisional visa that just allows me to
    stay for only three years in Australia.

I would like to hear your opinions as soon as possible. I'm so interested in travelling to Australia. I would like that someone can help me achieving my goal.



I am not able to answer your specific questions. An immigration lawyer could help, as they are dealing with various cases every day, have an understanding of the outcomes and can maximise your chances of emigrating to Australia.

If I were you I would talk to an immigration agent, who can give you advice for your specific circumstances. You could ask your brother to help put you in contact with a consultant.

From your brief description, you are aware of the new points test for skilled migrants, which is applicable since 1 July 2011. There is a wealth of information on the department of immigration website, so continue to browse the site to see if there are other options that may be available to you. For example, check if the requirements of a "remaining relative visa" apply to you. You can find the information at www.immi.gov.au/migrants/family/115/

As a conclusion, an immigration agent could help clarify your options and give an opinion about what to do next if you want to follow your dream of emigrating to Australia.

Let's hope that other readers of this page have more information. If so, please click the link below and leave comments here for Christina to read.

I wish you all the best with your journey.

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